Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 102 (Dec 25th, Christmas)

Today was amazing!!! Shay, Ally and Cassi and I shared a room upstairs and we woke up nice and early because we get too excited to sleep in on Christmas Day. Dad made sure we stayed upstairs until "Santa" was gone.

For Breakfast: Coffee! and Eventually, English muffin with egg and canadian Bacon, homemade of course, no McMuffining here.

All of us had a wonderful time opening presents, and giving them. I got a couple of great things for the kitchen, like a mandoline slicer, and a new cast iron pan, and big serving bowl that I am very excited about! Mom got me a new yoga mat too, so I can do workouts at home!

After all the Christmas hoopla was over we got ready for Christmas dinner. Mom did a Beef Tenderloin Roast, and it was honestly the best red meat I have ever had, and I don't think it could ever be topped. She also had a Demi Glace that she cooked for 17 hours the day before. It was served with Potatoes and Haricot Vert. Delicious.

For our cocktail, we had a mixed drink with Lemon, Vodka, triple Sec, and pure Cranberry juice with Champagne.

For Dessert: Coffee, Homemade Cookies, and Grandmother's Red Velvet cake that she brought.

Day 101 (Dec 24th)

Merry Christmas Eve! Cassi and I went to work this morning, but we made sure to pack everything in the car so when we were done we could head straight up to Arlington. Work was slow so we headed out around 3.

For Breakfast: Two eggs. Coffee.

When we got up to Arlington everybody was already there, mom, dad, the boys and Ally and Shay. We put our presents around the tree help set up for dinner a bit. I chopped mostly nothing too exciting.

Mom made a wonderful Christmas Eve Seafood Feast: Roasted herb Salmon (wild Sockeye) with an appetizer of grilled oysters right in the shell, Dad's specialty, with the salmon we had scalloped potatoes and green salad. Also we had a an asparagus puff pastry tart that was wonderful!

I had a Vodka Soda. I would have had a vodka Tonic, but I realized while being the bar tender for everybody that Tonic has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it, which I am avoiding. Just FYI.

I'm sure I had something terribly fattening for dessert, like cookies, but frankly I can't remember Because I didn't right anything down and I have had a hard time staying on top of my blogging during the break.

Day 100 (Dec 23rd)

Being home had been good. I worked today and honestly can't remember everything I ate. Today is Josh's 20th birthday! Happy Birthday Josh. I have been trying to wrap up everything for Christmas and Cassi and I are so excited to get up to Arlington.

Tonight we had a glass of wine and I know for dinner, I ate at the restaurant and had chicken and vegetables. Can't believe it's been 100 days of this awesomeness!

My Trip

Just wanted to wrap it up and say that my trip to visit my Nana was unforgettable. I loved every minute of it and the time we got to spend together was so valuable. I get my passion for Food from her and it's something the two of us could talk about forever. She was such a wonderful host and I had so much fun, and learned so much from her! It was a special trip that I will cherish always.

I posted pictures in both slideshows, please check them out!

Day 99 (Dec 22nd)

Well I woke up nice and early and went to the airport. My flight route was rediculous, but it was the only I could get home, so first I flew to charlotte NC, then to Detroit, then finally, to Seattle. I got home after 13 hours of flying.

For Breakfast: I had some animal crackers and a Go Lean Crunch bar in the detroit airport. I wasso hungry.

For Lunch: My flight had the choice of either fettucini alfredo or Chicken Parm, both things that were completely unappetizing, and if I am going to cheat on my health regiment, it better be worth it, so I chose then chicken, and ate just the breast after I doctored it up and made it better to eat, it was served with a nice green salad and I let myself have a glass of red wine with dinner, so I could feel fancy!

When I finally landed in Seattle I took the Brand New link light rail, from the airport to downtown and it was awesome! It whipped me downtown in just 30 minutes and was so convenient.

For Dinner: I made myself some Haricot Vert green beans and sauteed chicken breast for dinner back at my apartment, and waited for Cassi to get home from work, I was glad to be home after that long day of traveling!

Day 98 (Dec 21st)

For Breakfast: A piece of the pound cake and Hot tea.

Today was our last day together, and Ally and Shay were getting there at around 1:30 in the afternoon. We chatted and relaxed, and Nana worked on some tomato bisque she had made earlier so she would have lunch ready when they arrived. I packed up my things, thinking how quickly everything went.

For Lunch: Tomato bisque with fresh bread, fresh salad, and left over Beef Bourguignon. Lovely.

By the time we finished lunch it was time to take me to the airport. So I got to the airport only to get to my gate a see that my flight was 4 hours late. Meaning that I would without a doubt miss my connection in Chicago, so I had to re-book completely and as it turns out I got another day in PA after all. The snow created a lot of problems for the airports. Ally and Shay were willing to come pick me up again and we went out for some food at a great Irish Pub in Downtown Lancaster.

For Dinner: A guiness. And a spiced pear salad with spiced walnuts, it was great.

We went back to Nana's place and went to bed, because I had to be up for another try at the airport nice and early.

Day 97 (Dec 20th)

You've probably noticed that I have not been too careful on my diet since I have been on my trip. I figure that I would be denying myself a huge opportunity to come all the way back to Lancaster and not cook and eat these insanely delicious things with my Nana. It's vacation! Not that I have given up on my weight loss, I'm just not going to let it hinder my holiday experience.

Today I got up and shoveled snow to the garage and a path way in front of the house and to the front gate. I am not used to shoveling snow, it's hard work! It took me a while to do, but I got it done and it felt good to get such a good workout in. Nana and I made a Cranberry Ginger pound cake with a cranberry glaze with sugared cranberries today. It was great. I am not much of a baker, but it was fun and those sugared cranberries were addictive.

We made Cornish Game hens for dinner, which I have never made before, they were delish, We stuffed them with a homemade garlic bread stuffing with pine nuts. and had sauteed zucchini strips along side. We also got these at the market at a local poultry stand. We decorated the tree, and did our own little Christmas this evening. The trip has been so wonderful.

Day 96 (Dec 19th)

Woke up and it was snowing, there were just couple inches already on the ground. It continued to snow non-stop all day and by the end of the night we had 14 inches!

For Breakfast: Granola and Yogurt, with coffee.

During breakfast Nana and I sat, looked at cookbooks and chatted for hours. It was so great! We talked about food and what she rememebers cooking, what she remembers her mom cooking and a whole lot more. We decided that we were going to make Julia Child's original Beef Bourguignon. We went to the market and got meat for it yesterday, so we were ready to go! We cooked all day and just hung out at the house. It was snowing so we only went somewhere when we had to. We went to the grocery store when there was about 7 inches on the ground to pick up a few ingredients. We had the stew over a baked potato. It was so dark and rich and flavorful. We followed all those crazy little steps and details, it was fun!

After that we watched a little TV, and had some hot tea and went to bed. Another wonderful day!

Day 95 (Dec 18th)

I just woke up and I think Nana is still asleep. I went downstairs and snooped around a little bit. I sat there and stared at her cookbooks. She has an incredible collection. Not just of cookbooks but of a lot other old books from early colonial America. Books that I researched and looked at in my women's history class. It's so interesting!

Fro Breakfast: yogurt and Granola.

Nana and I went to get a christmas tree. We went to a couple different places and when we got to the second place the very first tree we saw, right when we walked in the door was the perfect one. We put in in the car and went to the Lancaster farmer's market. This place is great it has all sorts of produce stands, butchers, poultry stands and baked goods. Many of the stands are run by the local amish community. Mid-morning Nana and I went out for a cappucino local coffee shop. It was very cute, and reminded me of something that you would find back here in Seattle. We shared a piece of French Toast cake, which was, as we soon realized, is a glorified piece of bread pudding. Then we went home and relaxed for just a bit, I put the tree up on it's stand and then we decided to go to a movie!

We saw "Invictus" the movie with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. It was very good, and Morgan Freeman was excellent. It was a very uplifting movie.

After the movie we went to dinner, we were going to go to a place called La Terra and "small plates" type of restaurant bit they were closing early because it was supposed to start snowing.

So we went to a more fancy place down the road, fancy italian type meals, called Mazzi. After a lot of thought and consideration Nana and I gave the restaurant a 7 out of 10. Good, but not superb.

For Dinner: We started with martinis, I had a Kettle Vodka Gimlet, bascially just vodka and muddled lime. and Nana had a special Blood Orange drink, she said it was great. The first course the gave of was a tiny plate of tomato tartar and thinly sliced yellow and green squash. It was lovely. Then I had a my first course with was a scallop dish. Beautifully seared scallops with a tomato asparagus creme with guanciale. For the main course I had Yellowfin tuna, seared. This was served with fried fennel, golden raisins, and endive. The fish was completely raw, and one of the most beautiful pieces of fish I have ever seen. It was perfect, everything else of the plate I really didn't like, so I didn't eat it, which was fine with me.
Nana had seared duck breast, which was perfect too! It was served with a white chocolate risotto which Nana was not a fan of. Along with other things, this is basically how they dropped to a 7 in our grading. After dinner we both were tempted by the lovely dessert cart presented to us by a young dapper man. We both orders a scoop of the fresh local creamy coconut ice cream, it was delicious, and totally worth the calories! We had coffee and with the check they brought us a small shot of their version of limoncello. It was lemon sorbet and vodka, yum. After that, home to relax and go to bed.

This was a wonderful day!

Day 94 (Dec 17th)

Well, I finished my final paper and went to the airport to head out for Pennsylvania. I am so excited to see my Nana! I have a connection in Chicago, but my first flight is the long one. It worked out with flyer miles that I am in first class for the first flight. It'll be my first time, and I am interested to see what they serve for food, hopefully something that I can eat!

For Breakfast: Coffee. Cup of oatmeal with raisins, pecans, and brown sugar. (at the airport while I was waiting for the plane)

For Lunch: Spinach salad with carrots, tomatoes, prawns, and pancetta (which I didn't eat much of) with a balsamic vinaigrette. It was served with fresh grapes, carrots, and celery.

This was my first class meal, and I was very impressed, It seemed to be so health conscious! I didn't drink on the plane. I didn't drink on the plane. I am still a little cautious of drinking.

I landed in Harrisburg, PA and Aunt Gwynne and Nana were there waiting for me! We were all a little hungry even though it was late so we went to this silly diner that they knew about. It was a very clean place with all walks of life sitting and munching down on diner food, which can be practically anything.

For Dinner: Greek Salad with Grilled chicken, olives, tomatoes, onions, and pepperoncini peppers. with a Greek vinaigrette. The salad was good, the dressing wasn't that great.

We went back to Nana's House in Lancaster and went to bed, it was late!

Nana's house is amazing. It an 1800's city house, three stories high with a beautiful back yard and a neat old carriage house. I don't really know how to explain it, it's just beautiful, and all of the antiques she has in her house would blow you all away. It's great.

I met this woman on the plane from Seattle to Chicago. Her name was Katie too, and she sat next to me on the flight. She was so great and we talked about food the entire 4 hours. her husband is a sous chef at a well known restaurant in downtown Seattle and, she too was passionate about food, I told her where I was headed and why, and from then on we couldn't stop talking. I hope I can keep in touch with her and even get in touch with her husband because he went to culinary school here in Seattle and I would loved to pick his brain!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The holiday has been so busy, I promise I will update soon!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 93

I woke up early and took my final for my Women's History class. I think it went really well. I also got my paper back. The paper that I turned in a week or so ago. Guess who got a 4.0 on her 16 page research paper, I did!!! It might be the first time I have ever gotten a 4.0 on a big paper at UW.

For Breakfast: two eggs. No Coffee today, but I could really use some.

For Lunch: Caesar salad with chicken. Not a very healthy choice, but I went up to Pazzo's to eat with Josh and Cassi, they had pizza, I stuck with salad.

Day 92

I spent all day studying. I drank so much coffee trying to stay up, it was horrible!

For Breakfast: Two poached eggs, dry wheat toast and fresh fruit.

For Lunch: Bowl of the Vegetable and Chicken Chili.

Cassi and I went to Costa's for Dinner. It's a Greek restairant in the University District.

For Dinner: I had a salad with grilled chicken and a vinaigrette, with cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, avocado.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 91

I went to the store and got a few more ingredients that I needed to make my Chicken Chili. This is not my chicken and black-bean chili, this is Chicken with veggies and beans with tomato . . .

Chunky Vegetable and Chicken Chili:
1 large sweet onion. Diced.
1 large bell pepper. Diced.
1 large, or 2 small zucchinis. Diced.
2 cloves garlic. Minced.
1 Large (28 oz, I think) can of stewed plum tomatoes. Pureed
1 can black beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can cannellini beans
1 can diced tomatoes
2 large chicken breasts. Diced.
Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Oregano, Chili Powder, Chili Flakes, Cumin.
1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro, Roughly Chopped.
olive oil.

First I saute the chicken in a large pan, with a little bit of olive oil. I make sure to get some color on it too. set aside. In the same pan, with a bit more olive oil, if needed, sweat the onions, after 8 minutes add the bell pepper, followed by the zucchini, and garlic. Let everything cook together for ten minutes and then add the cilantro and other spices, and add the chicken and beans. Taste and add more seasoning if needed. I like it a little spicy, of course. Add the pureed tomato and the diced tomato with the juice and put it all into the Crock-pot. Stew for a few hours, until everything is cooked down and delicious! Enjoy.

Day 91

Cassi and I got up nice and early and went to Louisa's Cafe bakery up the street. I had a study group meeting me there at 10.

For Breakfast: Two poached eggs, wheat toast, and a bowl of fresh fruit (apples, grapes, pineapple, honey dew and cantaloupe)

I just got home, it's about one o'clock, I did lots of studying! Now I am home and I think I am going to make some soup or healthy chili. Cassi and I both have a lot of homework to do and a Crock-pot dish might be just the perfect thing for us!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 90

Happy Day 90! I woke up this morning in Arlington to snow falling outside my window. It is so cozy in my parents house and being there got me so excited for the holidays. I still have finals week to get through, so I have to stay focused. It ended up snowing all day and it was absolutely beautiful. Yesterday Mom, Dad, and Josh got a Christmas tree and it's a good one this year! So we decorated it today and listened to Christmas songs for a while, until we got sick of them and turned it back on to Dad's rockin' playlist.

For Breakfast: Two eggs, over medium. Coffee.

I love homemade Christmas decorations! There is at least one picture of each of us kids on the tree this year pasted in the middle of some paper-plate/wreath craft. I can't wait until I get to do Holiday crafts with my own kids, or Ally and Shay's, they'll probably be here sooner!
Mom had the idea in her head to make chocolate chip cookies today. There were a few recipes that she was thinking about . . . so we decided to make all of them and have a true taste test. Cassi and Josh were the main judges, but Mom and I made sure we got to taste too. We made three different kinds of chocolate chip cookies, the 1st place winner was the recipe that Ally gave me to make cookies for my class last week. Mom and I named them, the "Sister-Sister Cookies" Because Ally gave me the recipe and I passed it on to mom. Pretty darn good!

For lunch: I had some leftover soup that Mom made a few days ago. It was really good. It had winter squash, with a tomato stock, white beans, clams, sweet potato, onions, carrot, and celery, with garlic and chili flakes. It was spicy and delicious.

After the cookie extravaganza was finished we set up Rock-Band and played as a family. It's becoming a family holiday tradition! Dad is the best singer in the house by far. And believe it or not, Mom rocks one heck of a bass guitar!

For Dinner: Homemade Chicken and Vegetable Soup.

I posted a lot of pictures into both slideshows, take a look! I also weighed myself when I got home, as I have made a habit of doing. I have only lost two pounds since I have been home last. :( I can definitely blame that on all the cookies I have been eating, and with how bust school is, I haven't been taking enough time to go to the gym, and to cook myself good, healthy meals. I am almost done, than I will do better! I have got a lot of weight left to lose, just have to keep on keepin' on. Goodnight!

Day 89

For Dinner: Bowl of lentil soup.

We drove up to Arlington after work.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 89

I just finished writing another paper. i am going to get ready to go to work in just a few minutes. I hope it's not too busy tonight, my back still hurts, but I need some cash, especially because I am going to be leaving for my trip in just a few days. I woke up this morning, I was so sore! I don't think I really hurt my back, just a pulled muscle. Maybe with all that swimming and running yesterday I overdid it a little.

For breakfast: Two poached eggs with sauteed spinach. I finally mastered the arts of poaching eggs, they looked quite nice today! Coffee.

I had a banana and a fruit leather. Trader Joe's has great Fiber Fruit leathers, 60 calories and 6 grams of Fiber! Cassi and I are going up to Arlington tonight after work and we are going to hang out and I think we might even decorate the Christmas tree while we're up there. Can't wait!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Photos

I just posted a couple of pictures, more to come soon!

Day 88

I stayed home from work tonight, because I tweaked my back at the gym earlier today. I am relaxing on the couch, it's not going that well, I am restless. I don't know what happened, but I am really sore, I hope I can work tomorrow! I only have those last few things to do for school and then I get to go to Pennsylvania and visit my nana! I am so excited! I can't wait to go to her place in Lancaster, I haven't been there in years. Then I come back home for christmas, which is sneaking up on us, isn't it? Cassi and I decorated our tree a few nights ago, I will see if I have a picture that's decent, I am really bad at using the timer on the camera and running and getting in the picture, but we will see, I will post something soon! When I got home I made myself lunch.

For lunch: Sugar snap peas, with sauteed tofu and sesame seeds, it was good, not great. :)

Day 88

Woke up today and went to my last class of the quarter. Now it's just the final exam and a couple of papers to finish up. (and by that I mean, start and finish)

For Breakfast: Coffee. Almond Honey flax cereal from TJ's.

I went to the gym today and did great things!!!!! I ran 2 miles on the treadmill! First time I have run that long, for a really long time. It felt great and it wasn't even that hard. and then I got in the pool. Going with mom yesterday gave me a lot of confidence. I hadn't gone in, in so long because I was disappointed with how darn hard it was! BUT, because of the weight I have lost and my endurance has gotten so much better, it was really good yesterday!

So today, after those two miles on the treadmill, I did a 1/2 mile in the pool, swimming, nonstop! that's 18 laps. I am really excited!

Seattle Triathlon!

My mom and I have decided to do the Seattle Danskin Triathlon together!!!! It's this summer and will be a great thing to do, and a great motivation for me to keep up the good work! I have never done anything like this, but lately I feel like I can do anything. We were talking about it a little bit and after doing some more research about the Triathlon, we decided, why not?!

It's a .5 mile swim, and 12 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run!

Day 87

Dinner with Mom and Dad was great. The place we went to had great food and a wonderful atmosphere.

For Dinner: Roasted organic half chicken, with sauteed greens and I think they were parsnips or something. Coffee. and a starter salad with arugula and shaved fennel.

I had a wonderful day hanging out with my mom. I think she had a good birthday too.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 87

Today is my mom's birthday and I got to spend some great time with her! She met me after class and we went to the IMA, the gym I go to for UW students. We swam.

For Breakfast: Oatmeal, a couple of sips of coffee.

After we went swimming we got ready, we went to a car dealership and looked at a car she is thinking about. And then to lunch!

For Lunch: Salad with salmon, and shrimp on a bed of lettuce, with tomatoes and fresh avocado. With a tarragon vinaigrette.

I had my final day of class in a local pub. Everyone is my class (about 18 of us) is over 21. So reserved a room at a really great old pub and our professor bought every beer and nachos. Both were not something I was interested in, and of course, did not partake in!

Now Cassi and I are getting ready to meet mom and dad for a birthday dinner over in Ballard.

Day 86

For breakfast: One egg. One piece of toast.

I went to class and then Cassi picked me up and we went to a doctors appointment. Cassi has been feeling really dizzy lately and sometimes nauseous. So as it turns out, she's got peripheral vertigo. Which is a temporary condition that goes away in a few weeks, but basically she's going to feel dizzy and a little disoriented sporadically during the day. Weird huh? We shared a soy latte. I got called into work and ended up eating something there again.

For Dinner: a cup of lentil soup and a few bites of a vegetarian risotto that was left over. It is a saffron risotto with asparagus, butternut squash, tomatoes, mushroom, and zucchini. I felt gross afterwards because of all that rice.

When I got home I had a couple of cookies, they are gone now, no more!

Day 85

I had a huge presentation today, and it went so well! Those cookies that I made for the class were very well received. But, they have been a bit of a problem for me. I can't stop eating them! I was so busy with school stuff that I didn't eat breakfast and then went to my presentation and didn't get out until 4:30. I went to Il Fornaio to drop Cassi off and had something to eat.

For Dinner: A cup of vegan lentil soup and polipo can potate, aka: Grilled octopus and potatoes with celery and red onion. salt, pepper, parsley, olive oil and lemon. So good!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Day 84

For breakfast: Two Eggs, and One piece of toast.

I turned in a 16 page paper today on Early American Cookbooks. It was a lot of work, but very interesting!

When I got home from school I did some more homework an then took a nap. Later Cassi and I went and got our christmas tree! It's perfect and makes our entire apartment smell pine fresh! For the last few years I have purchased my christmas tree at an Aids Charity on Capitol Hill here in Seattle. We haven't decorated yet, maybe in a couple of days.

For Dinner: a few Brussel sprouts that Cassi had made earlier. I know it's not much I didn't have much of an appetite because of how little sleep I got.

I made cookies for my class tomorrow, it's the first time I have ever made cookies by myself, Ally gave me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, they are amazing, and I also made snickerdoodles, so good!!!

Day 83

Sunday was all about homework. Cassi and I woke up and went to a coffee shop, she and I both did stuff for school for a couple of hours.

For Breakfast: Soy Latte, and a piece of Cassi's Croissant. I brought a couple of walnuts and cranberries too.

I got home and continued to work on my paper and I made lunch for Cassi and I before we went to the soccer game. It was SO cold at the game!

For Lunch: Turkey Burger, with spinach and stone ground Dijon mustard on a whole wheat bun.

When we got home from the game I got started again on my paper and ended up staying up until 4:30 in the morning finishing and making sure everything was perfect. I drank more coffee so I could stay up late enough. And I felt horrible, I have been so busy with school that I haven't had much time to write much on here, or take the best care of myself. Only a couple more days and then I will be on Christmas break, can't wait!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Day 82

I woke up this morning and got myself some breakfast and then went to Study.

For Breakfast: Bowl of cereal with rice milk. Americano at a coffee shop while I was studying.

I studied and researched for 5 1/2 hours today and then caught a bus home so i could get ready for work. I made myself a little lunch while I was getting ready.

For Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 piece of toast.

I brought some walnuts and dried cranberries with me to snack on before I clocked in at work. Again, it was crazy at work, so busy, so stressful. Now I am home and am going to do some more homework. Cassi made me dinner tonight.

For Dinner: Pounded Chicken Breast topped with Fresh Arugula and tomatoes with Lemon Juice.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Day 81

Woke up this morning and went to school. I had lots of Studying to do.

For Breakfast: I had a cup of coffee and 2 eggs and 1 piece of toast.

After class I went straight to the library and did some research for a paper I have to do over the weekend. But I had to go home early because Cassi got sick and asked me to come home, so I did!

For Lunch: One last bowl of my chicken soup with veggies and mushrooms.

Then off to work and it was CRAZY busy! It's good because I made money, but it's so stressful.
After work I got home and had a little something to eat.

For Dinner: A bowl of cereal. This really good kind we got at Trader Joes. It's Honey almond Flax, with lots of fiber. I also had a little cup of Applesauce. Then to bed . . . Goodnight.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day 80

Well, had another long day. Cassi and I woke up early and took the car into the service center for a maintenance thing. Then to my morning class, after that another good workout at the gym! I got on the tread mill today and it went really well. I am jogging with no pain. I bought myself lunch at school, did some reading. Went to my afternoon class and afterwards met with a girl from my class that I am doing a presentation with. Now I am home and heating up myself a bowl of soup for dinner. I think I am going to the library tonight to work on a research paper, fun!

For Lunch: Raw broccoli, and cucumbers, with a couple of spears of asparagus. An apple.

For Dinner: A bowl of Chicken and Veggie with Wild Mushroom Soup.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Day 79

Just finished eating Dinner, I made soup and am so content sitting here on my couch reading and doing homework.

For Dinner: Hearty Chicken and Vegetable soup with Wild Mushrooms.

Day 79

Woke up this morning craving some gym time. I ate breakfast, went to class and then got myself in there and worked out real hard.

For Breakfast: Oatmeal.

I am still mainly using the elliptical for my cardio exercises but I am starting to transition into the whole running thing. It's kinda scary. I want Cassi to come to the gym with me sometime soon and do a good workout with me. I like working out with a partner, I wish I had someone to come do my routine with me more often. Maybe this weekend I will ask Cassi if she has time to go with me. After my workout I walked up to the "Ave" and did a little bit of Christmas shopping in the UW bookstore. While browsing I came across all these food books that I really want to read. They had a whole section of Northwest Cooking that seemed like would be perfect for my thesis and my Focus Group.

Cassi and I grabbed a bit of lunch while we were out shopping around. We talked about out alcohol pact that is almost up. Incase you forgot, both of us our not drinking alcohol at all during the whole quarter. So, it's been going on for as long as this blog. NOT A DROP. But, the quarter is almost over and we were talking about what to do when we reach the finish line. I know that not drinking booze has been a big part of my weight loss thus far and I am not particularly excited to "be able" to drink again. So, I am not sure if I will be drinking, even after the quarter ends, I like not drinking. Sometimes a glass of wine proves to be tempting but, going out and getting sloshed seems unappealing to me right now. Maybe I will allow myself to drink during the Break and then start up the "no drinking pact" again for next quarter. I guess I will just have to wait and see how I feel. Right now, I don't think I am missing out on much.

For Lunch: Mixed greens, with a nice grilled chicken breast, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

We just went grocery shopping, which is the most satisfying feeling ever, I have a fully stocked Kitchen and I think I am going to make some soup for the end of the week.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Day 78

For Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Trader Joe's seafood medley (shrimp, calamari, and bay scallops) with marinara, garlic, and chili flakes.

Day 78

Man, I finally got home from class and checked my email. So far I have had 8 emails from people wanting to take my Focus Group, "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" Things seem like they are going to go well. I woke up early and got fitted for my new knee brace. They call it a "functional" brace, because it offers full support while not limiting my range of motion too much. I am excited to get it and start thinking about soccer again. I am so hungry! and I am at a point in the month where my cupboards are looking pretty bare. I need to go grocery shopping but there are a lot of bills I need to pay first before I think about buying food. Don't get me wrong, I have food, but I am out of cream for my coffee, which on some mornings can be a big problem!

For Breakfast: Coffee, and a fat-free blueberry yogurt.

For Lunch: Salad from the salad bar at school. Mixed Greens, garbanzo beans, peppers, hard-boiled egg, sunflower seeds, carrots, and . . . fat-free italian Dressing. (you know the kind, I hate that dressing, its syrupy, yuck)

Now I am going to put down the computer and decide what's for dinner!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 77

I have read a lot of the reading I have for class tomorrow and am just about finished. When Cassi got home from school we had lunch.

For Lunch: Pounded chicken with Arugula, and fresh lime.

Cassi went our for Dinner tonight with her Aunt so I am on my own tonight. I have a small paper to write and major research to do for a final paper for my women's studies. i was going to try and tie the paper into my interest in food, but for research purposes that might be difficult. I made myself an awesome dinner tonight, and I took a picture that I will upload.

For Dinner: Blackened chicken breast on the grill, with Black beans, fresh avocado, lime and Salsa. The seasoning: Chili powder, oregano, cayenne, salt, pepper, cumin. I cooked the beans down with some chicken stock and mashed em up a bit with a spoon. It was so yummy, but I will use a little less salt next time.

Day 77

I woke up real early this morning because I had a doctor's appointment for my knee. It has almost been 6 months since surgery. It's hard to believe it's been that long, at the same time, with how well I have been doing, it's hard to believe it's only been 6 months! Dr. Larson said that my knee looked great and I even set up an appointment for tomorrow to have a special brace fitted for when I get back to playing soccer and snowboarding. I will have to wear the brace for the next year whenever I am doing contact sports or snowboarding. The good news is, he said in two or three months I should be able to start playing again, which is a lot sooner than they originally said. I am not going to rush anything, but I am excited to get my brace and see how I feel kicking a ball around again. Being able to play again will add a huge way for me to continue to lose weight. I love playing soccer.

After class I came home and Cassi fixed me Breakfast.

For Breakfast: one egg, over medium. one piece dry toast, and a small cup of organic applesauce. Coffee.

Now I am home and going to do some serious homework!

Day 76

Woke up late this morning. I decided to go shopping downtown to pick up a few Christmas gifts, or at least look. Cassi worked today so I dropped her off and got to the stores. It was crowded and chaotic. I grabbed some coffee at the restaurant so i could wake up but didn't eat breakfast. Bad Katy.I finally came into see Cassi and grab some lunch around 2 o'clock.

For Lunch: A salad with organic baby spinach, red onion, mushrooms, walnuts and a little bit of bacon with an awesome balsamic vinaigrette. I had a small piece of grilled chicken on the side for some protein.

Then back to the shopping. I got all of my siblings done and my mom, pretty good for one day! After shopping Cassi and I went home and then later, met my mom and dad for dinner over in Ballard. We have made quite the ritual out of our little Sunday get-togethers, I love it.

For Dinner: Grilled Salmon, with veggies: zucchini and carrots. I had a soy cappuccino after dinner too!

Cassi and I went home and did some homework and went to bed.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 75

Woke up this morning, it was so cold in our apartment!

For Breakfast: Two eggs, and one piece dry toast.

Cassi and I didn't bring home any leftovers, that would be too dangerous! I forhot to tell you that when I was back at my parent's house I got on the scale and I am 5 pounds lighter than last time I was there! Pretty good!

Day 74

For Breakfast: Coffee and a small slice of Apple pie.

I ate a little bit of everything during thanksgiving, and didn't feel bad about it. We all cooked all day to make a delicious dinner and I wasn't going to deny myself the pleasure of enjoying it, plus it was all homemade!

We hung around and laid low. Then we went for a nice walk outside, and before you know Cassi and I had t head back to seattle.

For Lunch: We had some leftovers, a little turkey, squash, brussel sprouts, and squash, and a little bit of mashed potatoes.

Cassi had to go to work and I stayed home and relaxed.

For Dinner: I made some brussel sprouts, thanksgiving style . . . roasted with pecans.

Day 73

Happy Thanksgiving!

We woke up early and got cooking!

For Breakfast: Coffee. A small bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch.

Cassi, Mom, Dad, and Josh and I all worked hard to make it a great thanksgiving. Lots of chopped peeling, dicing, stirring, and taste testing! We had a great day together, and a great thanksgiving. Grandmother and Gene came and we even used mom's fancy dinnerware. We took pictures of a lot of things and I'll upload them right now!

Our menu:
Cornbread Stuffing
Traditional Stuffing
Roasted Brussel sprouts and pecans
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted squash: (Acorn, Butternut, Sweet potatoes, yams, Apple, and onion)
Sparkling Apple Cider, no alcohol, remember?

After dinner we had Funny cake and apple pie. Funny Cake is a family tradition, it is a pie with a moist vanilla cake and a dark chocolate layer on the botttom, it's so good!

Day 72

We woke up wednesday and both of us had horrible cramps! Cassi had to go to school, but I didn't have school so I stayed at home, in bed. I finally got out of bed to pack things up for Arlington. I had to remember to get all of our things and pack clothes for a party we went to wednesday night. I really didn't have much of a of an appetite all day because I felt so yucky. After Cassi got off work at 5:30 we finally got to head up to Arlington and the traffic was pretty horrible. We got into town and went to visit my friend from High school, Laura. It was so nice to see her and her family and they all got to meet Cassi too!

Cassi and I met up with my brother Josh for a bit and then headed out for the party. It was a Surprise birthday party for my friend Molly, who I haven't seen in a really long time. I saw so many people that I haven't seen for years. It was great catching up with all these people I used to know so well, so many people are getting married and buying houses, it's crazy! I can't believe we're at that age already!

Before Cassi and I went to the party we stopped at the local grocery store and got something to eat because we literally didn't eat anything all day because we felt to bad. So we got some multi-grain crackers and some rice crackers.

After the party we went home and were greeted by mom, who was still up waiting on her last pie! It smelled so good, like apple pie I could hardly sleep.

A big day ahead of us tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 71

For Breakfast: One hard-boiled egg, one little cup of coffee, I really wanted more, but didn't have time!

After school Cassi and I went to Whole Foods to pick some things up for our thanksgiving contribution, the relish tray. Then We went home to make dinner because we were so hungry!

For Dinner: Sourdough rye toast, dry and rubbed with garlic, and a Tuna salad, with tuna, basil, garbanzo beans, olives, capers, artichokes, olive oil and lemon and salt and pepper. There is going to be a picture, I think.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 70

I woke up today and got ready for school nice and early, I made Cassi and myself breakfast and coffee.

For Breakfast: Oatmeal.

I went to class, where my teacher told us that our due date for a very large paper was going to be extended, which made the entire class sigh in relief, including me. After class I went to the gym, i had such a good workout. I really worked hard and felt really strong. I can tell I am getting so much stronger, and my arms are feeling more and more toned. My thigh on my left leg is still a fraction the size of my right leg, because of my knee injury. I am having a hard time re-building the muscle. I am feeling more comfortable jogging and doing stable movements for a long period of time, but lunges or squats still seem far off for me.

I came home made myself a great lunch and later, I went to work where it was painfully slow, and I spent the last two hours completely by myself.

For Lunch: Sauteed Shrimp and broccoli with garlic, salt, pepper, and chili flakes. yum. I posted a picture.

I had a hard boiled egg at work, and just finished eating another satsuma. I am not that hungry and really need to delve into this homework I have stacked beside me, ugh. Goodnight!

Day 69

Cassi and I both snacked on carrots and yogurt after our huge lunch. We ate a couple of satsumas and I even had a couple of multi-grain pita chips.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 69

For Breakfast: 2 Eggs, over medium, One piece dry toast.

Cassi and I went to the Fremont Sunday market today, it was pretty dead, we walked around, got some Christmas ideas. Then We came home and I made a nice lunch.

For Lunch: Spaghetti squash with a tomato vegetable sauce. Completely vegan, and delicious. The sauce had diced tomatoes, artichokes, zucchini, and re-hydrated mushrooms, with garlic and fresh basil. I will post a picture. Yum. It was so good.

Day 68

We woke up this morning and went to the market. Its awesome this time of year. So many different squashes, and fall vegetables. I tried a sample of organic apple cider, it was so good! I love this time of year. and everybody is bundled up. Cassi and I could see our breath when we walked around the market. I talked to Mom on the phone for a long time discussing the thanksgiving menu. Cassi and I are tackling the relish tray and we bought some Green Beans at the market. There is this stand called "Parker's Pickles" the beans and pickled and spicy and would be incredible in a bloody mary. They are so good! So, besides our superstar green beans we will have to think about what else will make the cut for our Thanksgiving relish tray.

For Breakfast: Two eggs over medium, One piece dry toast.

For Lunch: Garlic and fresh Ginger teriyaki chicken, cooked on my awesome grill pan. My aunt Lisa got me a grill pan a while back, and I haven't used it because I have a real grill on my patio, but it works great, and will definitely be using it more often this winter. I served the chicken with steamed Sugar Snap peas and tossed them with Sesame oil and Sesame seeds. I posted a picture of this one, it looks great!

Went to work, it was slammin' busy! Cassi and I both got our butts kicked and we didn't get out of there until alomst 11. I nibbled on some lentil soup while I was there. But when I got home I was so hungry I decided to make myself a little something.

For dinner: Romaine Lettuce, hard-boiled egg, almonds, and a touch of lite Caesar dressing. Then we went to bed, so tired.

Day 67

I had my Oral Presentation today, it went well. Cassi fixed breakfast for my on our way out the door because I woke up late.

For Breakfast: one Piece of Dry toast, and One satsuma orange. I love when these oranges are in season! When I got home from school I was still hungry and made myself one egg when I made Cassi Breakfast.

For Lunch: I used the same Spicy Chicken and Black bean saute and made two tacos with corn tortillas lettuce and salsa.

I relaxed for a bit and cleaned up around the apartment. then, when Cassi went to Work I went to the gym. I jogged part of the way there, which is big news because I am really getting better at running on my knee. It was so cold outside, and windy!

I had a great workout, two hours or so. Then I went home and made myself Dinner.

For Dinner: Grilled chicken and Romaine salad, with toasted slivered almonds and dried cranberries, with a homemade caper and basil vinaigrette. So good, I posted a picture of the salad, check it out!

Cassi and I went to bed so early, right after she got off work and came home, we were exhausted.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 66

For Dinner: Spicy chicken and black bean Taco salad. Diced chicken breast, garlic onion, and black beans, with cumin, chili powder, oregano, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and love. with romaine, salsa, and blue corn tortilla chips. I will post a picture!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 66

For Lunch: One cup of lentil soup, and a mixed salad with field greens, red peppers, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, hard-boiled egg, broccoli, carrots and purple cabbage.

"Red Radish" is the salad and soup bar on campus at UW. It has a lot to offer, but its darn expensive! The per pound salad bar deal sounds like a good idea, but it certainly adds up!

Day 66

I have been at school working on my project, I need to go find something to eat, I'm so hungry!!!

For Breakfast: 1 piece of dry toast. Coffee.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 65

I went to the gym today and did only cardio. I should have done a weight circuit but I was running out of time because I worked at 4 today. Plus, I am using a Book on Tape for one of my classes, so I can do things while I get my reading done and carrying around a big Walk-Man in the gym proves inconvenient while doing weights. I am home from work and Cassi and I both have plenty of homework. I have an oral presentation in my Women's Studies class on Friday and I have to do some things for that. I got home later than expected and nibbled on some 7 grain crackers before I went to work.

For Dinner: When I was at work I had a cup of Lentil soup and a hard-boiled egg, then I had a bit of Steamed broccoli. It doesn't sound like that much but it was a good amount of food.

I posted some pictures today on my "Tasty Creations" slideshow. The Sugar Snap peas, and the almond crusted chicken tenders and sweet potato fries. They were on my camera, but I forgot to post them earlier. so . . . check them out!

Day 65

Woke up early this morning, and made some breakfast.

For Breakfast: Muesli.

I am going to the gym in just a few minutes, finally!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I recently have been exploring WHY I gained weight in the first place. I love food, always have. But I started gaining weight a few years ago when lots of things were going on in my life. I am going to do some sole searching and report back with a longer post on why it is that I think I lost control of my weight . . . .

Day 64

For Breakfast: One piece of Dry Toast. Boring eh?

I worked on this for school and only had a fat free blueberry yogurt during the middle of the day. When I got home I had some pita chips. Multi-Grain with sesame seeds from trader joes.

For Dinner: Jalapeno chicken sausage with poblano peppers and onion with brown rice. (like I have said before I am running out of certain things. I have some sausage in the freezer so I am using that, it's all natural, only 100 calories, and its in my grasp.)

I am feeling sluggish after the trip, and I just started my period. Yuck, :( I need to get in the gym and work off some of my sluggishness. After class tomorrow I will go. I am so tired right now and am going to do some reading, and I am sure I will get through 4 pages and I will be snoring. Goodnight.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 63

For Lunch: Shrimp and Sugar snap peas, sauteed with garlic, salt and pepper.

For Dinner: Homemade marinara with italian chicken sausage, olives and capers with spaghetti squash. (the sausage I use, I get from Trader Joes, it's all natural and only 100 calories per serving.)

I got called off work tonight and spent the evening hanging out with Cassi and doing homework.

Day 63

For Breakfast: One Piece of rye toast, with a spread of peanut butter and boysenberry jam. We are running out of breakfast food at the house, no eggs, no oatmeal. . .

I am home and working on all my blogs from the weekend since I couldn't post anything and then I am going to do some reading. I work tonight and have a busy school week, including a presentation on friday for my women's studies class.

Day 62

I woke up this morning, not believing that the trip went by so fast.

For Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium with 1 piece of dry toast and yogurt. Coffee.

Right after breakfast we had to say goodbye to everybody, Nana, and Aunt Lisa, Uncle Steve and his brother. Linda and Denny who came out from Seattle to see time play. I hated saying goodbye, I get to see Ally and Shay at Christmas and I am going to visit Nana in Lancaster in a month, but Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve, I don't know when I will see them again. For the past 4 years we have had these football games to meet up at, but now, we leave with no plans made to see each other.

We got on a plane for JFK in New york and had a long lay-over so we ate lunch in the airport. I learned a very valuable lesson about eating out and asking questions. I saw on the menu "Mahi Mahi Tacos, with a cabbage slaw." I thought, perfect!

It came out and it was, deep fried fish with sauerkraut. It was horrible and totally not healthy. Mom says it wasn't sauerkraut in was just pickled cabbage . . . whatever, it was gross. That being said I ate it, because I had to eat and it was served with a lovely little salad.

Always ask how things are prepared if not specified on the menu.
and think about where you are and if that Item nakes sense in that location. Is it likely to find an awesome grilled fresh fish taco in a New York City Airport? probably not.

The flight was long, I snacked on peanuts, carrots, sugar snap peas, and a snickerdoodle cookie.

I was happy to be home and hang out with Cassi. she had some leftover dinner and I munched on that. Steamed tofu with peppers, onions and red curry. (just a little bit)

Looking back on my whole trip, I would say that I did pretty well with eating. I made some mistakes and took some liberties, but it could have been worse, a whole lot worse. I really need to get back on my regiment though, I saw pictures and realized how much more weight I had to lose. I only look good relative to how i used to look, I still have a long ways ahead of me!

Day 61

I woke up in the hotel room at around 6:30 and went down the the fitness room in the hotel. I met Ally and my dad down there and we worked out for just a bit. I did about 15 minutes on the elliptical and a few weight exercises. When we were all ready we met everyone downstairs for breakfast in the hotel, they have lots of options and a person there who makes almost anything to order for you.

For Breakfast: Coffee. Orange Juice. 1 egg over medium with a piece of just rye toast and fruit: (melon, strawberries and a banana)

We were at the tailgate by 10:30 and had a great time despite the weather, which obviously followed us from Seattle. It was low 50's and rainy, really rainy. I munched on sugar snap peas and carrots mostly during the tailgating but also had one of my nana's homemade chocolate chip cookies, which was wonderful. When we went and sat down the rain fell hard! The game was great but the rain was unbelievable. I wore my Gortex jacket which fought off the rain as best it could, but the rest of me didn't stand a chance. By half-time my jeans were completely soaked, dripping wet and I was so cold. I got a hot chocolate, which ended up not even being hot, more like room temp chocolate, not worth the calories, for sure!

The boys pulled through and wont the game and then we went to the senior banquet after the game in the gym. We mingled with players, friends and coaches and I had a couple of cookies and some veggies off the tray. Tim showed us the schools new athletic training facility which was awesome!

We went back to the hotel to dry off, and relax before our next big Italian dinner! Josh, Ally, Shay, and I went to the hot tub and thawed out, it was nice!

We met up with everybody for dinner at this great restaurant in Troy near by to Tim's school. Our party was 24 people strong and we had a great time! I Did very well with what I ate here!

For Dinner: Salad, this salad was great, greens with olives, cucumber, onion, and a great Vinaigrette, and for dinner I had the seafood platter: A filet of white fish, scallops, shrimp, and clams, broiled with lemon, and a side of broccoli. No dessert tonight!

After dinner, Shay, Ally, Josh, and I went to hang out with Tim at his house and got to chill with his football buddies and his new girlie, Katie Sue! We had a great time and those boys can certainly throw back those beers! Usually I would have been drinking wine and beer with everybody but I am, of course, staying strong on mym no drinking pact with Cassi, not a drop!

Day 60

Woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning, and got ready to go. I packed up and both Josh and I got picked up by our parents at 4 am.

For Breakfast: I made myself eat a little oatmeal so I wouldn't be hungry later and objectify myself the the limited options at the airport.

In-between flights at the Chicago Airport I snacked on Some carrots and celery that mom brought.

When we landed in Albany we went straight to the hotel and met up with Nana and Ally and Shay. They were so nice and told me I looked great! It was so awesome to heat that they noticed my efforts!

We had Dinner reservations at Augie's, a family italian restaurant that we have come to love up there when we come to visit Tim. The portions are huge and the atmosphere is crazy! I knew that this was going to be the night that I really had to think about what I was going to eat. It was the last time we were going to be there, and I didn't want to exclude myself from the experience.

This made it hard, but I decided to eat everything, in moderate portions and to allow myself to have one more big Augie's experience. . .

For Dinner: We started out with salad, I had a few helpings og this so I didn't leave too much room for the other things. The salad, was a simple family italian salad with greens, tomato and onion with a vinaigrette. We then had an appetizer that was awesome and mostly guilt free. It was Asparagus with shrimp, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and white beans in a garlic sauce!
For Nine people we orders three entrees and still had 4 full to-go boxes. The three entrees were: Chicken parm, Which I had a small portion of chicken, with no cheese, and minimal breading, mostly just the chicken and marinara sauce. the next dish is called mama Ziti: Penne pasta with meatballs, sausage and marinara: I had a small piece of meatball and two pieces of sausage and just a few noodles. This is the first pasta I have had in over 60 days. The last dish was a Fusili pasta with scallops, shrimp, and artichokes in a garlic cream sauce. I mostly took a few pieces of seafood out of this, and just a bit of pasta. We some way found room
for dessert too!

For Dessert: Decaf coffee. I bite of Augie's delicious cannoli and 1 bite of amazing tiramisu. It was rich and SO WORTH IT!

We went back to the hotel and went to bed to get ready for the game the next day! It was hard for me to go to sleep, and I felt sort of guilty for everything I ate. Not that I felt like I should have abstained from eating anything, but my stomach hurt and I felt gross about all that food!

Day 59

Thursday night Cassi and I went out to dinner with Nancy, the lady Cassi Paints for and Claudia, another friend of Cassi's family. They are both good friends with Cassi and me and we got together with them to catch up, it had been a while.

We went to El Camino, a great Mexican restaurant in Fremont.

For Dinner: We started with a salad with mixed greens, pepitas, and a light lime vinaigrette. Our table also shared an order of the crispy plantains with guacamole. And for My entree I had grilled Salmon, with mashed sweet potatoes, and sauteed Chard. It was good, but I haven't eaten that much food in a long time, I was so full!

We came home and I got ready for the trip!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 59

For Breakfast: Oatmeal. (today I made the oatmeal with rice milk and applesauce)

Those almond crusted baked chicken tenders last night were really good! I am home from school and doing laundry. Josh is coming and staying here, so Mom and Dad can come pick us up and go to the airport tomorrow at . . . 4 in the morning! I have lots of chores to do before I go to bed. Lots of laundry, and homework to finish up and get in line for the plane ride. I am really excited to see everybody!

I am not bringing my computer with me on the trip. I will only be gone for the weekend but I probably won't be able to blog. I will have to write down everything I eat and take notes on my activities and such.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 58

After we got back from our walk I made a quick lunch.

For lunch: Steamed Tofu and Broccoli in red curry.

I went to work and am now back at home, it was so slow! My parents came in and ate tonight. It was nice that they came in, they were so busy when i stopped in at work today, dang they work hard! I am cooking dinner now, and thinking about doing some laundry for my trip.

For dinner: I am waiting for it to come out of the oven but I'll tell you what I made: Sweet potato fries and almonds crusted, baked chicken tenders. I have never made chicken this way, I will tell you how it is!

Day 58

Day off today! Cassi and I just got back from a walk, we walked from Biosonics and back, said hi to my parents. I don't know how long it is, but it took about two hours.

For Breakfast: Omelette with zucchini, spinach and basil. Coffee.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 57

For Breakfast: oatmeal. Coffee.

Had a big day today, lots of class, but tomorrow is Veteran's Day and we don't have school! yay! I think Cassi and I are going to go to the gym!

For Lunch: During class I snacked on some carrots, radishes, and an apple, it was a really good apple!

For Dinner: I went into Il Fornaio to visit Cassi at work and had a couple of things to eat. The Polipo Con Patate, (Griddled octapus with poatoes, red onion, and celery with parsley lemon and olive oil) and an Insalata Della Casa (mixed greens, shaved fennel, carrots and croutons with a light house vinaigrette.)

Later Cassi And I made some baked sweet potato fries. literally just sliced with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and in to the oven!

Day 56

For Dinner: I had the last bowl of Chicken, Vegetable and Brown Rice soup with some grilled tofu.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Day 56

For Breakfast: An omelette with zucchini, jalapeno, and cilantro.

I had a soy latte today, it was a splurge!

For lunch: half of an acorn squash. I roasted it with some salt, pepper, clove, and cinnamon.

I have plenty of reading to do tonight, but I am not feeling very well. I think I will make some hot tea and get to work. I have a really long day tomorrow, three classes, plus a meeting with my project group for my women's studies class.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Day 55

After the soccer game, Cassi had a coffee date with her mom, and my parents came down to Seattle to stay in the Condo. They picked me up and we went out to dinner. It was so nice of them to come hang out with me.

For Dinner: Blackened Halibut with a mango pineapple salsa and veggies (medley of winter squash) I also had a small salad to start, with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and a couple of croutons with a vinaigrette on the side.

I have just 4 days until I go see my family and my brother play football in New York again. I can't wait to see them all. I am blessed to have a family that I love to be around.

Day 55

For Breakfast: Omelette with spinach, basil, and All natural Sun-Dried Tomato chicken sausage. Coffee.

Woke up and did some homework this morning. Cassi and I just got back from the soccer game. We won 5-0 and Cassi had an awesome goal!

Day 54

Last night after work we drove up to Arlington to hang out with the Parents. We didn't get up there until mid-night and went straight to bed. Cassi and I woke up and listened to a bit of the RPI game. Tim still isn't playing because of an injury from last weeks game.

I have only weight myself a couple of times and only on the scale at my parents house. I don't want to bring numbers into my psyche but when I hoped on this morning, I was pleasantly surprised.
I was nine pounds lighter than I was last time I was in Arlington. I lost 9 lbs in, I don't know . . . a few weeks! This makes me feel really great!

For breakfast: Mom made an omelette with spinach and scallion. Coffee

Cassi and I had to race back to Seattle to go to work. We stopped in at home to eat lunch.

For lunch: A bowl of the Chicken and Vegetable with Brown Rice soup.

Tonight at work I had three people ask me I have lost weight! Man, that feels good! Work was pretty busy again tonight and I did pretty well. I didn't have time to eat a big dinner and settled for a cup of soup at work.

Cassi and I met up with some of her friends from college and went to a Birthday Party for a friend of ours here in Seattle. We ran into a lots of Cassi's friends who are all so wonderful to me and make me feel right at home!

A late night for us sober girls, Cassi and I played Designated Driver and didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning!

Day 53

For Breakfast: Omelette with jalapeno and Cilantro with homemade pico de gallo, from last nights Mahi Tacos. Coffee.

For Lunch: Leftover Mahi Taco, with black beans. Yum.

I got called in to work and didn't have chance to eat dinner. It was busier than it has been lately and I finally made a little bit of cash. A much needed thing. I had a hard boiled egg at work. Sometimes I snag one from the pantry line.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Day 52

For Dinner: Mahi Tacos with Black beans.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Day 52

I am home from school and feeling really great about the week being almost over. I feel like the quarter has flown by so far and I am staying quite busy. One of Cassi's best friends is coming over for dinner tonight and I am making Mahi Tacos again. I made a comment earlier about how I had to use up what I had open. Well, I think it's a good thing to think about. If I am cooking with all of these great fresh and local ingredients then its is obvious to say that these things have an expiration date, so often I make a series of dishes that use similar ingredients. Like how the past few days I have used lots of swiss chard and tonight I am using avocados and cilantro and peppers that I need to use. In a way it's like this. . . I look into my fridge and what's inside staring back at me, tells me what I am making for dinner. It's my job to take those same ingredients and tweak them so we don't get board.

I told you I was going to make a chicken soup to have around, and I did! It is really good and has plenty of good veggies in it. With a Brown Rice medley that has Long Grain Brown Rice, Black Barley and Daikon Radish seeds. (I got the mix at Trader Joes of course!)

Chicken and Vegetable with Brown Rice Soup:

Chicken Breast, diced and precooked
I medium onion, diced
2 cloves garlic crushed and diced
3 carrots
3-4 celery stalks
4 red potatoes cubed,
two big handfuls of washed baby spinach, (you can run your knife through this if you like)
Chicken stalk: you'll need to use quite a bit, because the rice soaks a lot up!
1 cup of rice medley, dry.
Spices used: Bay leaf, thyme, salt and pepper, parsley . . . I think that's it.

Get you're garlic and mirepoix going in a large pot, and then add the potatoes. Everything should sweat down nicely and then add your precooked chicken. Add your Stock and then your Rice, bring to a boil and let it cook away. Cook until rice is done and potatoes are tender. Add the spinach ad it'll cook up in seconds. You can always add whatever you want to soups, that's kinda what soup is, right? You could add swiss chard, kale or any other leafy green if you don't want spinach. It's a great way to get those extra dark greens down without noticing them, so if you don't like the taste all that much but you want all that nutrients, throw it in a soup.

Yes yes, when in doubt, make a soup.

For lunch: I was at school but I packed some lunch snacks: oatmeal (I burned my hand really bad with this today :( Carrots and radishes. Some Trail mix (cashews, almonds, and cranberries)

Day 52

For Breakfast: Just a Banana today.

Went to class and then to the gym. Had another awesome workout.

It's pouring down rain here and I am finding doing some school work before my next class at 2:30.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Day 51

For Breakfast: Oatmeal

For Lunch: All Natural Sun-Dried Tomato chicken sausage sauteed with garbanzo beans and swiss chard with fresh basil. I know it sounds repetitive,. but I have to use the things I have open. I need not be wasteful.

Afternoon Snack: Granola with non fat vanilla yogurt and a banana.

For Dinner: Tuna with Artichokes, capers, and Kalamata olives with lemon and Olive oil on a bed of Spinach.

I just got home from work and I am going to make some soup for the next couple days. I think it's going to be a hearty Chicken and vegetable.

I had a really good workout today. I spent 2 1/2 hours in the gym and I was going strong. I have started to jog a little bit and tomorrow I am going to go for a bit on the treadmill, we will see how it goes.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Day 50!!!!

For Dinner: Grilled Tofu and Sauteed Swiss Chard with Basil, Garbanzo Beans and Kalamata Olives. Very good. and An apple for dessert.

I am home, watching the Biggest Loser and doing tricep dips and knee rehab exercises. Fun Stuff!

Day 50!!!!


I woke up this morning early enough to make myself breakfast and coffee, and pack a lunch for my long tuesday.

For Breakfast: Two eggs, over medium, and 1 piece of dry sourdough-rye bread.

I went to class today and got my mid-term back from last week. Guess who got a 4.0? This girl right here! I am so happy! I never get 4.0s and it might be my first on a midterm here at UW, I feel really good about myself, usually I don't feel so invested in my grades but I am super proud of myself. After class I did some reading, and ate most of the lunch I packed for myself.

For Lunch: Non-fat vanilla yogurt and granola, one apple, one banana, and I am going to munch on some carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower in just a bit.

After my next class I have a meeting about my thesis project and then I am going to go to the gym, then home to watch "the biggest loser" and msake myself dinner. Cassi Works tonight so I will be flying solo.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Day 49

I have had a very productive day. I woke up nice and early, well. . . I had help from the clocks changing over, but still. And I made a nice breakfast:

For Breakfast: Jalapeno and cilantro omelette, with salsa.

The bad part of the morning is that while I was chopping the fresh cilantro I accidently chopped the tip of my thumb off, whoops. Not a big deal, but t hurt really bad and is quite sore now.

Then I went to class, where I continue to find myself surprisingly intrigued. And then off to the GYM! It was way too long since I had been there and it felt good to get back in and sweat. I had a really nice workout, did an hour on the elliptical and then worked on my arms mostly, but my knee too.

I stopped by the flower shop today and got cassi some Lilies. We both love them, and it has been a long time since I got her any, so I figured it was a good day to do that. Now our whole apartment smells amazing. (not that it usually smells bad, just not like lilies)

For Lunch: leftover turkey burger, this time with fresh sliced tomato, Habanero jelly and peppery arugula on a whole wheat bun.

I just got back from work and am about to settle into a long night of home work. I just made dinner and it was really good tonight, my advice to you is: MAKE THIS DISH.

For Dinner: All natural Sun-dried Tomato chicken sausage (Trader Joes) sliced on an angle, sauteed with fresh basil and swiss Chard with organic Kidney beans and garlic. I also had a side of sauteed zucchini. This dish was so good!!! and healthy too. I will put up a picture, it's not a gorgeous dish, but it was really good.

I now have to read until my brain explodes. Goodnight lovelies.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Day 48

For lunch: We had leftover, spicy chicken and beans and sauteed peppers and onions.

We had a major grocery store run and got so much fresh produce. I love the produce stand!!!!!

For Dinner: homemade turkey burgers with grated zucchini and carrot, on a whole wheat bun with sweet and hot mustard, spinach and radishes. I made peas to go with, as a tribute to my Halloween costume!

For dessert: An apple. yum.

Day 48

November 1st! man oh man!

For Breakfast: two eggs over medium, 1 piece of dry toast.

Time to get back on track! Halloween is over and it was a rough weekend when it comes to my health regiment. I ate some candy, not a lot, but i had a few pieces. It was good, but it made my stomach hurt and my teeth felt so gross after I ate it. Cassi and I are going grocery shopping and then I am going to go to the gym, or on a bike ride. I think I am going to start trying to jog, my body is telling me it's time.

Only two weeks until I go back to New York to see Tim's final game and all of my family. I need to have a long series of "Last Chance Workouts" so I look smokin' hot when I am there.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 47

Happy Halloween! We woke up today and made breakfast, actually Cassi made me breakfast!

For Breakfast: two eggs and one piece of nine-grain toast, dry.

We listened to Tim’s Game on the Internet radio. Tim got hurt, nothing serious I hear, but he was out almost the entire game. They lost in a close game against Union.

Then we made lunch and went to Cassi’s Soccer game.

For Lunch: Spicy Chicken and black beans. (Diced chicken) sautéed with, chili powder, fresh cilantro, onion, garlic, cayenne, salt and pepper, and oregano. I also sautéed some peppers and onions with jalapeno. We had it on top on fresh Romaine and a corn tortilla.

Cassi did awesome in her game. I hate not being able to play, but Cassi scored all 3 goals for our team and we tied 3-3!

We went trick-or-treating with Cassi’s Cousins, Skyler (3) Spencer (5) and Parker (10) it was really fun! Then we went out in Seattle and met up wit a bunch of friends from work. Everybody loved our costumes, they were a big hit! I posted pictures of us on the “Misc. Photos” slide show. The best Halloween ever!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 46

I slept in today because I didn’t have my class. I stayed up last night until 2 am working on our costumes. Today I woke up and went to lunch with my mom. It was the first thing I ate all day so I guess it was breakfast, but it was more so lunch.

For Lunch: Salad from Dish D’lish with chicken, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, romaine, mandarin oranges. It was nice and fresh!

After that I literally went home and worked all day on those costumes. I finished around 8 o’clock in the evening and then put in on and picked Cassi up from work and we headed out to a couple of parties we were invited to. Since we are not drinking we were able to drive around to different places and see lots of people this Halloween. We went to bed at a decent time, and while we were at the party we had lots of veggies and snacks.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 45

For Breakfast: Muesli. Coffee.

I went and worked out today. It was good to get in there. I am so busy lately with everything that I am finding it hard to get into the gym. I am working on a plan for an “at home” workout for days that I don’t make it into them gym.

For Lunch: I had a late lunch today, just some yogurt.

For Dinner: Tuna with kalamata olives, garbanzo beans, and lemon and olive oil. With steamed broccoli.

Cassi and I went to the fabric store and got some things because we have decided to dress up this Halloween! I am so excited!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 44

When I got home from school, I had to get ready and go to work. I had a few dried cranberries and some peanuts, but didn't get to eat a lunch.

When I got to work I had a hard boiled egg and a cup of soup, Beef Barley and vegetable. I had lots of water tonight, which is good because I have not been drinking enough.

Now I am home and relaxing a bit on the couch before I go to bed. I can't believe I haven't worked out yet this week. I will workout tomorrow and Friday and at least one weekend day. I had a long meeting today about my thesis project. I am leading a Focus Group winter quarter. It is basically a small class that I get to teach and plan. I had to turn in the Course Description today so people can register for it.

Here is the Course Description:
"Food For Thought"
This Focus Group will be a communal discussion of our relationships with food. This may include:
Keeping a daily journal of food choices
Meeting at various local restaurants and cafés
Sharing ideas of current favorite dishes and food spots
Discussing childhood memories of food
Researching food accessibility and global awareness
Feasting as a community
Investigating food and the degrees of separation from field to table
Snacking and Tasting are for sure!

The goals of this Focus Group will be centered around those of the individual members. Each member will bring their own individual experience and ideas of food to the group.

I am really excited!

Day 44

Today, I woke up and it was so darn chili in the apartment. I guess we could afford to turn the heat on a little more! Cassi made me breakfast and coffee today and I always feel so much better when I have breakfast in the morning. It really is important and it is amazing how much I can feel the difference now that I am so much more in tune with what goes in to my body.

For Breakfast: Two eggs, over medium. Coffee.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 43

Well I am still not feeling very well, I woke up late so I didn't have time for breakfast, which was a big no no because today is my really long day. I had five hours worth of class today spread out through the day, so I never got to come home and eat food.

For lunch: Leftover Cioppino from last nights dinner.

For Dinner: A jalapeno and cilantro omelette topped with fresh avocado and salsa. I also had some granola with rice milk.

Last night after dinner I had an apple, and I even had a small piece of chocolate, leftover from our pumpkin party, I am not proud, but I have to write it down.

Day 42

For Lunch: That Butternut and acorn squash soup I made a few days ago. With a side of Dried Cranberries and pomegranate.

I started to feel really sick after I got home and I ended up calling into work. I stayed in bed most of the evening and got up to eat some dinner. Cassi and I made a quick Cioppino together.

For Dinner: Cioppino, with calamari, shrimp and scallops (TJ's seafood medley) with a spicy tomato vegetable broth.

For Dessert: An apple, and I did actually have a leftover cookie from the Pumpkin party we had. It was good, but honestly . . . not worth it.

I need to Drink more water and get enough sleep because I do not want to be sick and I feel like I am in the beginning stages of it.

I have been on my computer tonight researching books that I want to read for my senior thesis project. I am basing my project around this blog and thought that some good "food" reading would really help my project along. I want to know everything there is to know about food and different ingredients, have any suggestions? I already have a small collection of cookbooks and books on food, mostly given to me by my Nana, whom I believe has a pretty impressive cookbook collection herself. I think her and I share this passion for food. She has given me a few books that I will definitely be using for my project, do you have any "must reads" in the realm of Cuisine? Let me know!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 42

The pumpkin party went great last night. We had about eight people over and we all carved great designs into the pumpkins. Everyone loved my Chicken and Black Bean Chili and homemade apple cider.

I am going to put pictures up on the Misc Photos of our pumpkins.

After everybody left Cassi helped me study for my midterm I had this morning. I stayed up very late and woke up extra early this morning to study. I just got home from taking the test and I think I did really well! I feel really, I haven't gone into a test feeling that prepared and I haven't walked out feeling that satisfied in a long time!

I came home and and made breakfast for Cassi and Me.

For Breakfast: Sauteed Jalapeno and Fresh Cilantro scramble topped with fresh avocado and salsa.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 41

We had a soccer game this morning then a team brunch. We kicked booty in our game! It was so cold! it's the first time this season that I have been able to see my breath when I exhale. I brought a coffee with me so it kept me warm . . . for about five minutes.

For Breakfast: Two poached eggs, during the brunch with the team.

Today is our Pumpkin Party. We are having just a few work buddies over, and we are going to eat and carve pumpkins.

Cassi bought the game Catch Phrase a few days ago, that game is so fun! We played it a lot during our orcas island vacation with my family. Good stuff.

Day 40

After work last night, Cassi and i just laid low, I had a piece of dark chocolate. It was good.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 40

Well, I just finished watching RPI pull out a win in Troy. Tim had a great game and I can't wait to go back for a game in a few weeks.

For breakfast: Egg and green bell pepper scramble, and coffee.

I had some left over squash, (Acorn and butternut, half of each) and I slow roasted them in the oven and then pureed it to make a squash soup. I have never done this before but it was good. I have only tasted it but I will probably have it for lunch later on.

Cassi and I are having a few people over tomorrow to carve pumpkins, we still have to buy our pumpkins and make some food. I going to make my black bean and chicken chili, just because it is just so darn good!

Day 39

I left for my class today and didn't get a chance to eat breakfast, and finally got home at around 3 o'clock.

For lunch: I heated up some of my homemade minestrone soup. (I had some frozen) I added to it some dungeness crab, and it was delicious.

For dinner: Romaine with pomegranate and heirloom tomatoes with grilled chicken.

For dessert/ snack: I was still pretty hungry, I had An asian Pear, and an apple.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jeans Louise!

(get it? like "geez louise" it's a stretch, I know)

Breaking News: Today I am wearing a pair of jeans I bought 2 years ago that I haven't been able to wear in 1 1/2 years! I was so excited that I made Cassi take a picture of me before I go off to school. This is big news folks!

I just put the picture on the "Misc. Photos" slideshow, first progress picture of me posted, check it out!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 38

For Breakfast: Two eggs, scrambled.

I spent all day at school, I had morning class, then I worked out and then went to my afternoon class and finally got home. The result of all of this is: no lunch. I drank lots of water but didn't pack a snack. I just finished eating an early dinner.

For Dinner: Red Curry with veggies and chicken with Organic Brown rice. This is a re-run, but it was good the first time and even better then second time!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 37

Wow, I had such an amazing workout today! I worked so hard, I haven't felt that tired in a long time. I did over an hour on the elliptical, and then another 1 1/2 of weights and biking at the end. By the end I was drenched! I am going to do it all over again tomorrow.

For Lunch: Leftovers from last nights dinner, turkey meatloaf with roasted fall veggies.

I know that I recently told you about my allergy to pumpkins and other squash . . . well from dealing with the butternut and acorn squash, my hands are red and on fire! But that is about it, nothing major happens.

For Dinner: A light salad: romaine, baby heirloom tomatoes, hard boiled egg, purple cabbage, cucumber, pomegranate, and raw slivered almonds with a red wine vinaigrette. Along side I had a piece of whole wheat pita.

Whenever I have a big workout I feel like I don't have a very huge appetite, does anyone know why that is? It's fine with me, and nice for the whole weight loss side of things! but why? I do not know.

I went into work tonight to drop Cassi off and one of the managers was back for the first time in a few months, she has been out of maternity leave. She knows nothing about this blog or about my latest efforts but. . . the first thing she said to me when she saw me was, "Hey you look great . . . skinny!" Can you believe it!? Somebody used the word "skinny" (relatively speaking of course) but it was amazing to hear somebody say that that doesn't know how hard I have been trying, that means it really is working, not that I had any doubts but it was really nice for somebody on the "outside" to notice. Yipee!

Day 37

I Woke up this morning so excited to go to the gym, what's that all about?! Can't wait to go feel the burn.

For breakfast: oatmeal. coffee.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 36

For Dinner: Turkey meatloaf and roasted fall Vegetables. (I started with the Turkey burger recipe that ally gave me, with grated zucchini and carrot, I added some extra spices, including some really tasty stone ground mustard and shaped it into a little loaf, into the oven at 350, until it's done!) The veggies I roasted were red potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet onion, and apple with just a little bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

I'm full and relaxing after a really long day. Tomorrow should be an easier day, and I will finally get into the gym after class.

Day 36

For Lunch: An Egg, just hard boiled. and Baked apple and cinnamon. (I sliced and peeled an apple, into small pieces, not in any uniform way. Then sprinkled them with cinnamon and little bit of nutmeg. Put my little mixture into a small cobbler dish and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes. I covered the dish with foil for the first half.) The baked apples were really good, It tasted like the inside of a fresh apple pie, just minus the sugar, and buttery pie crust. Plus! it made my apartment smell like I had been baking all day!

I know it's boring to have just an egg for my protein during lunch, but I was busy doing homework and frankly didn't have time to thaw some chicken or what not. I will attempt to make things more interesting for dinner.

¡Hasta Luego amigos!

Day 36

For Breakfast: Oatmeal.

I just got home from my first class. I am getting settled to write up a paper I have to turn in in a few hours, just a quick reflection for an article I read. School is going well, I have y first midterm next Monday! I think I will be okay though.

I am having a hard time getting to the gym as much as I want to. For example: Today I would have gone after this first morning class, but I have homework, and I came back here to make myself a healthy lunch. So, after class I will go to the gym. That means that I will not get home until after 6, which is okay I guess. I should probably make some more soup or something to have around for the week. The veggies and apples are amazing right now. I love going to the produce stand and picking up whatever they have. The squash that they have are wonderful and pomegranates, and those apples . . . man are they delish!

I am still losing weight even though I have only been able to go to the gym 2-3 times a week. My diet change has been the huge part, and not drinking. If I think about how many calories I used to have by just having a beer or two after work, that's major weight right there!

Still no scale, I am not going there. I feel great, I look better than I have looked in a long time and I have so much energy. So, the only thing I am keeping numbers on is how many days I have been going strong!

Day 36 and counting . . .

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 35

Cassi's Aunt was so nice and was very conscious of my healthy eating plan and she made a wonderful nutritious meal.

For Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, with a soy ginger glaze, with grilled vegetable skewers (zucchini, yellow squash, bell pepper, and onion) and red potatoes. For Parker's birthday there were brownies, I snuck in a little bite, but that is all.

Just water with dinner and a little coffee because were are home now and staying up to do homework! I am always so exhausted from playing with the kids when we are there. It is a lot of work. Spencer is 5, Skyler is 3, and of course today Parker turned 10. Busy Busy Busy!

Off to write a paper, and do some more reading.

Day 35

For Breakfast: One Egg. Oatmeal. Hot Green Tea.

Mid-Morning Snack: An apple. I had to munch on something while I was reading for school

For Lunch: Veggie Chop Salad with shrimp and pomegranate . Chopped romaine, Basil, Cucumber, Red onion, Bell pepper, Cannellini beans, and pomegranate, in a Red Wine vinaigrette with grilled shrimp and grilled whole wheat pita bread. Really good!

Now Cassi and I are going to her Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate Parker's 10th birthday. It's a big one! It's so great to hang out with Cassi's family too.

Day 34

For breakfast: A Spinach, zucchini and bell pepper omelette. An a soy latte.

We went out on the boat with my parents this morning. We cruised the lake and looked at all of the old fishing boats that were docked. Then we went to the ballard farmer's market.

Cassi and I went straight to our (her) soccer game. It was a good game, we won 3-2. Cassi played really hard and even got herself a yellow card because she totally schooled the goalie with a header goal, but ran into her while doing it. So the goal didn't count, but it was still awesome.

We got home so late, around 5, so we skipped lunch and went straight to dinner.

For dinner: : Leftover Red curry, chicken and vegetable stirfry, with brown rice. We also sauteed some "skinny" eggplant in some black bean sauce.

For dessert: an apple and a bit of granola.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 33

After work Cassi and I went to the movies because we got done early. It was slow, we are definitely feeling the effects of the economy. The weather here is amazing. It is raining so heavily the alley behind our apartment has turned into a small river. Maybe I could put my swim cap on and swim a few laps. I am listening to my brother's game on the radio. They are playing in Pennsylvania and a lot of my family is there watching him, wish I was there.

For breakfast: Muesli. Some Coffee.

For Lunch: Homemade Thai Red Curry Chicken and Vegetable stir-fry. bell peppers, broccoli, onion, carrot, with fresh ginger and light coconut milk.

For Dinner: A mini Wheat pita with pepper turkey breast, stone ground mustard, and lettuce I also had a small salad when I went to the bar to watch the Huskies game with my parents. It had a really nice tomato basil vinaigrette. The huskies totally lost the game, it was bad.

For Dessert: An apple

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 32

I slept in today because I didn't have class. It was nice to get lots of sleep. I just got back from the produce stand and got some good stuff for the weekend. I work tonight and I really want to go dancing. It has been a long time since I have gone out on the town, but just because I am not drinking doesn't mean that Cassi and I can't go out and get a little crazy. Besides, Dancing is one of the best workouts ever! I had lunch with my parents today which was nice. They are super busy, it is good to steal them away sometimes. We are all real busy though, so we just have to make time to see each other.

I didn't eat breakfast, I woke up late, and then got ready and by then it was time for lunch, my bad.

For lunch: Taco salad with grilled shrimp, onions, and pepeprs. From tacos guaymas, really good salad.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 31

Wow, Can't believe it's been a whole month. School is well into the swing of things, and although it has been more of a challenge to stay on top of things, I think I am doing pretty well. I drank lots of water, ate well, and had a good workout today. I didn't have any coffee, I slept like a baby and . . . I had a small but important stare-down with the Workout machine bully. All in all, a good day!

For Breakfast: oatmeal.

For Lunch: A bowl of the 17 bean soup, and an apple.

Afternoon snack: Trail mix, Cranberries, almonds and cashews.

For Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with a homemade puttanesca sauce with prawns.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 30

For Breakfast: Sauteed spinach and bell pepper scramble.

After class I went to the gym and had a good workout. I looked around for the senior citizen machine bully, but he wasn't around. My nana said that I had to stand up to him and not rush my workout, So I am waiting to show him what I am made of.

For lunch: A bowl of my Vegan 17 bean soup. I made a batch last night to have around for quick meals.

I worked tonight, it was really slow and now I am home and ready for bed, I had an egg and a cup of tomato soup at work tonight, I might have a little bit of granola or something but I am not really hungry.

I had some coffee with lunch, can't forget.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 29

Today I woke up early and took another picture of myself, so I could send a "progress photo album" to my sister across the country. I have lost a bunch of weight and feel really good about doing it. I am not ready to post those pictures yet, but I have a feeling that someday soon, my "progress" pictures will make it onto my blog. I talked to my sister yesterday who has been reading my blog and is very interested in my progress both, physically and mentally, emotionally etc. When I was talking to her I got so excited about my new focus. I realized that my passion for food is not being denied or forgotten, but celebrated!
I will never tell you that movie theater popcorn is gross, or that the thought of a fudge-covered sundae makes me cringe, that is ridiculous. BUT . . . there are "everyday" foods, and then there . . . let's call them "Holiday" foods. And every day can't be a holiday, ya know?

For Breakfast: Oatmeal.

For lunch: Broccoli, bell peppers and cucumbers with fat free italian dressing.

Afternoon/ Pre-gym snack: A yogurt.

Dinner: Roma Tomato, Avocado and Cucumber Halo, with Sauteed Shrimp, capers and a Basil infused Olive Oil. This was delicious and quite pretty, I just posted a picture on the dish on the Tasty Creations Slide Show.

Dessert: I am half way through a delicious pear.

Tomorrow is day 30, I need to make sure I am staying focused. What do I need to work on?
I need to make sure I am Drinking lots of Water!
I need to cut back on the coffee a bit.
I need to make sure I am making time for a good workout.
I need to keep up on preparing food when I have time for the busy week.
I need to make sure I am getting good sleep.

Goodnight wonderful people!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 28

Can you believe I am on Day 28! It's been going really well. Going to the gym, working, homework, and class, all while being home long enough to make myself good food has been hard. I am trying to get used to my busy schedule again. I have lots of homework tonight and a paper to write tomorrow, but I really need to get into the gym. I am not very good at managing my time. I was supposed to get a lot of my reading done but found anything I could do instead of reading. So . . . I cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of laundry, vacuumed the entire apartment, and did the dishes. Then I went to work. It was slow but painless. I am home now and just ate dinner, and am going to go read, I promise.

For Dinner: Yummy Tomato Salad. Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, kalamata olives, cucumber, red onion, and avocado, with olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried oregano, salt and pepper.

Day 28

Many of you know that I am allergic to pumpkin and some other squashes. Every year when these tempting squashes are in season I cannot resist and end up with a whole mess of complications. The weird part, is that my reaction is purely topical. I can eat pumpkin (if I want) but I have a hard time touching it. That being said, I always have a pumpkin carving party! I love carving pumpkins, and I always decide to have a party so I can control my environment. I make sure I have the proper tools, rubber gloves, and sturdy tools, and some years, a rain coat, goggles, rubber boots, and the occasional helmet, just for fun! We usually make some kind of comfort food, and have good pumpkin beer. This year I will have to change my menu and stick with some homemade apple cider or something. I will let you know when I plan my menu.

For breakfast: Oatmeal.

For Lunch: Tossed green salad, with purple and green cabbage with a strawberry vinaigrette. and a pear.

I am staying on campus today to do some homework.

Day 27

It is so cold in our apartment! Cassi and did homework and laundry last night, and went to sleep nice and early.

For Dinner: Vegetable stir-fry spaghetti. I had two pieces of that lasagna I had to use. I chopped it up (since it is basically just vegetables with red sauce and chicken sausage.)Put it in a pan with a bit of olive oil and fresh basil and sauteed it. I put it on top of spaghetti squash. Yummy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 27

For Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and spinach. Coffee.

Josh, Mom, Dad, Cassi, and I drove up to the Ice Caves today. It's a short, easy hike, and it was beautiful up there.

For lunch: Mom's homemade chicken spetzel soup.

Cassi and I are getting ready to head home and start in on some hefty homework.

Day 26

For Breakfast: Coffee. Spinach, Basil, and Red bell pepper Frittata.

We drove up to Arlington in the morning and helped Josh, Mom, and Dad trim the laurel hedge. Lots of work! But it was beautiful outside.

For Lunch: An apple.

Fro Dinner: Filet mignon on the grill with dungeness crab and roasted vegetables. (red potato, butternut squash, and onion)

For dessert: Another apple and I did have a small snickerdoodle cookie. Only a small one (about 1 1/2 inches in diameter) It was worth it. I savored it slowly.

We watch the Huskies game and relaxed in Arlington. The game was amazing! Go Dawgs!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 25

Well, I had a long day. I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast until I got home from class so, I was more in the mood for something more "lunchy"

For breakfast-lunch: A MahiMahi taco that I had from the night before. Wonderful.

For lunch-lunch: I had a serving of the Eggplant lasagna. (We have quite a bit of leftovers in the fridge so we are doing a lot of repeats.)

Then I went to work and ended up munching on a salad for dinner from there because Cassi and I decided to go to the movies.

For dinner: Insalata di Salmone. Baby spinach, grilled salmon, bermuda onion, mushrooms, and walnuts with avocado, in a light lemon dressing.

Cassi and I saw "Whip It" It was really good. It has been a long time since I have been to the movies, and it was definitely my first time since my blog has started. I was worried because . . . Movie theater popcorn and I have a very close relationship. I love it. You'll be happy to know that in anticipation of those popcorn cravings I counterattacked by peparing healthy snacks to munch on instead.

Move snacks: sliced apple and kiwi and trail mix.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Day 24

For lunch: cucumber, bell pepper, and broccoli, with a little bit of caesar dressing for dipping.

For dinner: Grilled MahiMahi Tacos with spicy avocado salsa and cabbage and jalapeno slaw. Yum. For dessert, an apple.

Day 24

Woke up this morning. Went to class, and then I walked down to the gym and sat and had breakfast before I started feeling the burn.

For Breakfast: One banana and a 1/2 of vanilla yogurt.

I worked out for almost two hours today. I am beat, yet surprisingly refreshed. I am up at school again and I am going to do some things for class at 2:30. I am really enjoying my classes and I think it is going to be a challenging but productive quarter. Since I have started this blog and since I am doing so well, I have been thinking about incorporating my "journey" into my thesis for graduation. Not to mention, incorportating a this into an academic project could be a really good thing to prepare me and help me with Culinary school. We will see what comes of this blog besides my killer beach bod. (fingers crossed)

I would like to dedicate this next part of my blog to a certain someone who I have run into at the gym quite a few times recently.

There is a man that works out at the gym around the same time I do. He is probably about 70, maybe 67. And he has the thickest glasses I have ever seen. We wears light grey tiny cotton shorts, a little white tank, and a towel slung over his neck. It's great that he is there working out, and from what it seems he looks like he is in pretty good shape,BUT. . . When a person is on the machine that he would like to work at, he stops what he is doing and glares at the person. Usually when a machine is being occupied a person moves on to another machine and waits patiently until that machine is available, not this guy. This little ordeal has happened to me 3-4 times now. I was using a machine and he walked over to it and got closer than "comfortable" and just glares at me through those thick glasses. He never says anything, just stares until you feel so uncomfortable you get up. I feel myself rushing through my workout because I am so intimidated by this senior citizen-workout machine-bully. It's pretty nuts.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Day 23

I had a great workout today. Went swimming, and did a full workout. Then I walked to Trader joe's and got a few groceries that we desperately needed. When I got home I prepped some things. I cooked a spaghetti squash and then made an awesome Eggplant lasagna. I made it early and then let it set so i could have it when I got home from work tonight.

For Lunch: Just a hard boiled egg and some trail mix.

For Dinner: The Eggplant Lasagna.
I had some marinara that I made by hand a while back. I had it in the freezer. I also had some extra lean all natural italian chicken sausage. I took the sausage out of it's casing and sauteed it, with some garlic, red bell peppers, zucchini, sweet onion and at the very end I threw some spinach in there. Just a little salt and pepper and oregano. While that was sauteing, I sliced a whole eggplant into very thin pieces and grilled it. I did not use anything on the eggplant and just cooked it until it was tender. Once everything was cooked and cooled I got my pyrex casserole dish and started layering. I used the eggplant sheets instead of pasta, and used the veggie and chicken as my filling with the homemade marinara. No cheese. I don't like cheese, which is good because it doesn't help with the weight factor. I put it into the fridge and let it set and when I got home I sliced it and baked the individual pieces for Cassi and I. I topped it with fresh basil after it came out of the oven. It was really good and it is fun to come up with interesting new HEALTHY recipes for popular dishes that are usually so bad for you. I will definitely make this again. I will eat it again too, because I have lots left over.