Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 29

Today I woke up early and took another picture of myself, so I could send a "progress photo album" to my sister across the country. I have lost a bunch of weight and feel really good about doing it. I am not ready to post those pictures yet, but I have a feeling that someday soon, my "progress" pictures will make it onto my blog. I talked to my sister yesterday who has been reading my blog and is very interested in my progress both, physically and mentally, emotionally etc. When I was talking to her I got so excited about my new focus. I realized that my passion for food is not being denied or forgotten, but celebrated!
I will never tell you that movie theater popcorn is gross, or that the thought of a fudge-covered sundae makes me cringe, that is ridiculous. BUT . . . there are "everyday" foods, and then there . . . let's call them "Holiday" foods. And every day can't be a holiday, ya know?

For Breakfast: Oatmeal.

For lunch: Broccoli, bell peppers and cucumbers with fat free italian dressing.

Afternoon/ Pre-gym snack: A yogurt.

Dinner: Roma Tomato, Avocado and Cucumber Halo, with Sauteed Shrimp, capers and a Basil infused Olive Oil. This was delicious and quite pretty, I just posted a picture on the dish on the Tasty Creations Slide Show.

Dessert: I am half way through a delicious pear.

Tomorrow is day 30, I need to make sure I am staying focused. What do I need to work on?
I need to make sure I am Drinking lots of Water!
I need to cut back on the coffee a bit.
I need to make sure I am making time for a good workout.
I need to keep up on preparing food when I have time for the busy week.
I need to make sure I am getting good sleep.

Goodnight wonderful people!

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  1. Katy - you continue to inspire me. I haven't had a Tim's chip for a very long time. . .

    Keep up the great work - I love reading about (and seeing) your creations however simple or complex. You're right - you're celebrating your passion for food!

    And you look fantastic - I can see the glow in your face and eyes. You're radiating your newfound health - the reward for honoring your body and mind. Way to go. With Love, Your Mamma