Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 316

I woke up early today and went to work at BioSonics.

For Breakfast: Coffee and half a bran muffin with a piece of watermelon.

I worked for most of the day and then went to Trader Joe's to get some much needed groceries.

For Lunch: roasted chicken breast with veggies. Dad picked this up from PCC for lunch while we were working today. It was very good.

Cassi got called off work tonight and we met downtown and went sheet shopping for our bed. We found some greats deals! Then we came home and I made dinner and we packed to head up to Arlington.

For Dinner: All natural Chicken and basil sausage with Eggplant, sauteed and simmered in marinara with fresh herbs from the garden and garlic. I made some garlic toast with a whole wheat baguette. It was fantastic!

Alright folks, I have got some HUGE news. While I was packing for Arlington and getting out my bag . . . I found my camera!!!!!! I was so excited I ran circles around my apartment and then realized I'm not cleared to run yet, but I was really excited.  I looked in that bag 6 times, and I guess I needed to look at it 7 times.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 315

For Breakfast: Coffee and oatmeal.

I did a bunch of laundry today and Tim came over for a little bit.

For Lunch: Cassi brought home some veggie pho for lunch. I felt so full afterwards :/

Mom and I did a little shopping for a dress to wear to Cory's wedding. I have to look good since I'll be performing. I didn't have any luck and I am so close to get my period that I started to get cramps this evening.

For Dinner: We stopped in at Il Fornaio to see Cassi and Ate some dinner. I had the pounded chicken breast topped with fresh arugula, tomatoes, and spicy sauce.

Now I am home and going to bed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 314

Today was a pretty busy day. I went to Physical Therapy and also went to get my passport photo taken. I decided it's time to get a passport, now you can't even get to Canada without one. 

For Breakfast: Coffee.

For Lunch: I had a salad from Louisa's bakery. It's called the no name salad and it has spinach in a light pesto dressing and is topped with warmed white beans, artichoke hearts, and panchetta. 

I went with mom and Cassi this evening to help them train for the triathlon. I have to admit it's pretty hard to watch them train, knowing that I should be out there with them. I had all these visions of myself before I got re-injured. I could picture myself and how amazing I would look by this time. Ready for the race and looking fantastic. But now I am here, I've gained probably almost 10 lbs and I am feeling very down in the dumps. I hate that I can't get out and run around the lake, or go for a bike ride . . . or play soccer.

Cassi and Mom did a fantastic job and I am so proud of them.

For Dinner: Shrimp taco salad from Tacos Guaymas, we stopped there on our way home.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 313

Cassi and I got up early and went to West Seattle so Cassi could meet with Christina to go over her application stuff for nursing school. While they were busy talking I took Christina's two dogs for a walk in Lincoln Park. The walk was great and is definitely the longest I have been on my feet since the surgery.

For Breakfast: Coffee.

For Lunch: Samurai Salmon wrap from world wrapps.

For Dinner: I sauteed some of the leftover grilled chicken with caramelized onions and I centered it atop fresh swiss chard from the balcony garden! It was my first time eating some of the swiss chard and it was fantastic. I steamed it carefully so I could keep the perfect little leaves in tact. I took a picture with my computer, so it's not great but I had to show it to you somehow!

I also took a picture a few days go of a tomato salad I made for us using our yellow and red cherry tomatoes from the balcony!

That's fresh basil and fresh oregano sprinkled in there too!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 312

For Lunch: Spicy Eggplant Thai dish from Jhanjay Thai.

Cassi and I went there with Claudia this afternoon when we were helping her look at properties. Cassi went to work tonight and I stayed home, cleaned up and worked on my music.

For Dinner: Butterflied chicken breast marinated with my fresh herbs, garlic and dijon mustard and grilled with baby red potatoes and steamed broccoli with garlic.

I made myself a complete meal tonight, it felt real nice. When Cassi came home from work I fixed her a plate of the same and she thought it was great. It is so hot in our apartment and I am dreading going to bed in our room, it feels like an oven.

Day 312

I just ran Cassi to volunteering and I am having some coffee before I go to physical therapy. Am super sunburnt from the weekend and I haven't been doing my exercises for my knee. I was so busy this weekend I totally forgot about them! I am feeling the need to go up to Arlington soon. I am getting to the point where I can walk around pretty comfortably and I am feeling a little restless.

For Breakfast: Coffee and a handful of dry cheerios, we are out of milk.

Weekend Update: Days 310 &311

Well Cassi and I had an awesome jam packed weekend. I love that she doesn't work on Saturday or Sunday it makes the busy week worth it! We woke up Saturday morning and walked up to the 14 Carrot Cafe and had breakfast.

For Breakfast: My favorite pesto benedict. Poached eggs atop english muffins roasted bell peppers, spinach, and a slice of ham, covered in fresh pesto sauce. Served with fruit and some potatoes. It was fantastic.

Cassi and I walked home and cleaned the apartment up, did a load of laundry and got ready to go over to Claudia and C.A.'s house. We got there around 2 and sat out on her dock in the hot sun and chatted for a couple hours, we also scored Cassi on a series of backflips she did off the dock. Very impressive. Then we helped Claudia make a dinner she had planned for us and Nancy and her husband Pete drove over on their boat and joined us for dinner on the patio. It was a really nice dinner and Nancy brought dessert!

For Dinner: Steak on the grill, beautiful white sweet corn cooked on the grill and a tuscan salad with arugula, tomatoes, basil, and olives. It was all so good.

For Dessert: Nancy made a lemon tart and also brought mangoes that she served with just a lime wedge and it was really good!

As the evening winding down I played guitar and sang for a while and did my best to provide entertainment for the evening. It was a really fun day!

As for Sunday: another busy day!

For Breakfast: A bowl of cheerios and coffee.

Cassi had a soccer game and then Mom met us at the end of the game and we went to seward park on lake Washington so Cassi and Mom could practice swimming for the triathlon. I went with them and laid on the grass and waited for them. It made me a little sad that I couldn't be out there with them training for the triathlon. But it was fun to hang out and catch some rays. After their swim session we went and grabbed some lunch at Columbia City Ale House. We stumbled upon it while we were making our way back to our apartment and it was absolutely fantastic!

For Lunch: Blackened Salmon sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and a spicy dijon-ish mustard. It was the best sandwich I have ever had. All three of us loved what we ordered and already made tentative plans to go back there for happy hour, and bring dad, he would love this place.

Cassi and I got ready at home quick and went to Aunt Andi's house for dinner. We played with the kids and chatted with Andi and had a great dinner out on the patio.

For Dinner: I had corn on the cob, sugar snap peas, red potatoes and I had one spare rib. I have never had beef ribs, it was nice to try something new!

We finally made it back to our house after a long day of activities, we went straight home and to bed!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 309

For Lunch: Dad brought me a grilled salmon salad from PCC for lunch while I was working at BioSonics. It was very good.

I worked for quite a while for my parents and then called it a day around 3. Cassi got called off tonight which is fine by me because she is always so busy. We chatted about what we wanted to do tonight over an afternoon coffee and then decided we should go to Paseos tonight for dinner. It's this little whole in the wall Cuban place and their food is truly incredible.

For Dinner: Cuban roast sandwich with pork, cilantro, romaine, jalapeƱos, delicious caramelized onions and a garlic aioli of really good cuban bread.

Now we are at home relaxing and enjoying our balcony and the cooling breeze as the sun starts to go down for the day. We are going to watch a movie later and call it a night. :)

Day 309

First thing's first.

For Dinner: Last night I met Cassi downtown and we went to Nordstom Cafe before the movie. I of course had the Nicoise Salmon salad, and a cup of their awesome tomato soup. No popcorn at the movie, time to get back to basics.

This morning I am up early and getting ready to go in and help out at Biosonics. I'm excited to be doing something productive today.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 308 Tomatoes, Tomatoes!

Hey guys, its been another slow day in the life of Katy. I am about to go into our bedroom and organize the  shelves. Fun! Before I start that task I had to figure out a way to show you my awesome tomatoes. I held my computer out there and tried to take a couple pictures with the webcam my computer has on it. They aren't great pictures but at least you can see how good the tomatoes are doing!

The yellow ones are starting to ripen up, we have eaten two so far. These are just about ready!

The red tomatoes are good and we have had quite a few of them, I think they were supposed to be bigger but the weather made it hard for them to reach their full potential.

Cassi and I are going to go see the new Twilight movie tonight. We watched the second one because we got it in the mail through our netflix account and now we have to complete the series.

For Lunch: Onions, zucchini, bell pepper, garlic, and black beans caramelized and cooked with a litle bit of whole wheat couscous, seasoned with chili powder, salt and pepper. It was different. Good different not bad different. I am really taking a liking to couscous lately, mostly because it's what we have in our cupboard!

Day 308

For Breakfast: Coffee and a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I set up everything this morning to record some music and just as I was about to get started I realized my headphones are broken. What luck, eh? I have spent the last hour trying to fix them and I cannot get anything. I have had them for a long time, I understand that they broke, there were a lot of weak spots but it's really bad timing because I need them to record my music and practice for Cory's wedding. Have I written on the blog that Cary, Ally's best friend from high school asked me to do her wedding music at the ceremony. I will be performing live, but the recording capabilities on my computer and with the equipment I have acquired through birthdays and such is really amazing for creating my own mix downs and recordings of the music. I can really figure out what is going to be the best version for the live performance.    I will have to figure some other headphones out to use for this project. I am trying to figure out a way to put some of my music clips on the blog, but I am not very computer savvy, anybody know how?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 307

Mom and I went to Il Fornaio to visit Cassi and eat dinner.  We had a really great time. Mom had a open water swim class today in Lake Washington, she is really goin' for it with the triathlon!

For Dinner: Grilled Salmon with a lemon piccata sauce and steamed broccoli. Fantastic.

Goodnight! I sure am glad to be back.

Wednesday, June 21st (Day 307)

I can't believe I've been slacking so much on my blog. I am getting around really well now and in a few weeks I will be cleared to go back to work. I really want to find a new job. I would love to do something other than serve, something where I could get some experience in a business setting. This is an area I don't know much about and someday I really want to own my own cafe, to do that I really need to be business savvy.  Keep your fingers crossed I really want to find something that I love and a position where I can learn a ton!

I guess my camera is really gone. I don't know where it is and I feel like I have looked everywhere. I definitely don't have the money to replace it, so I guess no more pictures :( I am super bummed.

I am getting back on my regiment with eating and have cooked everything from scratch since ally and shay left Sunday evening. Yesterday I made a zucchini and eggplant dish that was covered in marinara and baked until bubbling. It was really good. I realized that I don't need pasta, crust, or garlic bread to have a really good and saucy dish.

Today is technically day 307 and starting right now I am going back to documenting everyday what I put into my body. No fibs, no slacking it's time to get back into the swing of things. I am not sure how much weight I have gained since surgery, it could be 2 lbs it could be 10, but it's mostly how I feel and I am sick of feeling this weigh . . . .

For Breakfast: bowl of cheerios with rice milk, coffee. I made Cassi French Toast, gotta feed the girlie!

For Lunch: Whole wheat couscous with caramelized onions, mushrooms and zucchini. A couple hours ago I snacked of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

My mom is coming over tonight and we are going to do something for dinner. I promise I will be back to tell you what I ate. Katy is back, for real!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Two and a Half Weeks

Well I just got back from my Physical therapy appointment. things are going really well. At 18 days out of surgery i almost have all my flexion back and can fully extend/ straighten my leg. I have a lot of work ahead of me in terms of strength but things are going very well and the therapist, Mark really knows what he is doing. I have learned so much about my injury in the three times that I have seen him, and it's very nice to know what is going on in your own recovery.

I went grocery shopping with Cassi and I feel like I am really ready to get back into the swing of things. I got to do some time on the stationary bike during PT today and I am feeling inspired to start losing weight again and eating healthy.  Unfortunately I still haven't found my camera and I am beginning to lose hope. My camera is a crucial part of this blog and I don't know what to do if I can't find it! You're missing so much! My tomatoes have ripened the swiss chard is thriving and all I ever wanted to do is take beautiful pictures of my rookie gardening miracles and I cannot! Oh Dear.

There is a camera on my computer that I used to snap a few photos of my knee. I really want to be
able to document this rehab process. I found a couple of photos of the last surgery too!

These pictures were taken after my first surgery. I know it's hard to see but my knee is more swollen here and actually much more chubby than it is now. I guess I never realized that when I lose weight I even lose it in my knees.

They used the exact same incision lines for the both surgeries. This time the scar is healing a little bumpy because there is already a scar underneath the second incision. However, when is comes to swelling and bruising there is no doubt that this time around has been much much better. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time Flies

Man o man, it has been a while, eh? Nana just left this morning. She was here for 10 days and got to enjoy all that wonderful weather we have been having. I am doing pretty well. Today is two weeks out from surgery. I am feeling good. Sleeping is hard because I shift in my sleep and will wake up to cringing pain when I accidentally bend my knee too far. I feel like I have been going non-stop, with Nana being here and trying to enjoy the weather things have been pretty hectic. I have my post-op appointment last Tuesday on the 6th. Dr. Larson said everything is looking really good. I have been off crutches since that day.  So eight days out of surgery I was already walking on my own, that's pretty good.

I am having a bit of a hard time, for the past few days now I have been looking for my camera, and I CANNOT find it! Could it really be gone? I feel like I have looked everywhere, but it's got to be here somewhere, I have been a homebody since surgery. I have pictures that I want to post on here but I can't do that without my trusty camera. :(

As far as eating goes,  I really need to get back on my regiment. I have been feeling sloppy. It's really hard because I am not working so I have no income, and then the burden lies of Cassi to pay for groceries and things like that, not to mention until recently I haven't been able to get around very well in the kitchen. I can feel myself getting out of shape and I do not like it! I am going to find a way to get a good workout in without using my legs. And I have a feeling I will be coming back to the food blogging sooner than I thought. It really does keep me on my best behavior.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Day 287

I slept well last night and even got up to go to the bathroom by myself for the first time! However because i slept in when I woke up I was in a lot of pain because it had been 11 hours since I had taken any medicine. I was pain killer free for the first time since the surgery and  WOW, I was feeling it! I spent most of the day just sitting around playing with play-doh and hanging out wit Cassi. Jules came over for a bit and Suzie stopped by, Cassi's friend from high school. Tonight is the first time I am home alone. Cassi went to work tonight! I am sure I will be fine, but she sure has been wonderful and it's so obvious what an amazing nurse she is going to be. Soon I will post some pictures of things I made with play-doh, It makes the time go by fast, what can I say?

For Breakfast: One piece of toast with mixed berry jam. I had a half a cup of coffee.

For Lunch: Cassi made me a chicken and bean burrito with chips and salsa.