Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 61

I woke up in the hotel room at around 6:30 and went down the the fitness room in the hotel. I met Ally and my dad down there and we worked out for just a bit. I did about 15 minutes on the elliptical and a few weight exercises. When we were all ready we met everyone downstairs for breakfast in the hotel, they have lots of options and a person there who makes almost anything to order for you.

For Breakfast: Coffee. Orange Juice. 1 egg over medium with a piece of just rye toast and fruit: (melon, strawberries and a banana)

We were at the tailgate by 10:30 and had a great time despite the weather, which obviously followed us from Seattle. It was low 50's and rainy, really rainy. I munched on sugar snap peas and carrots mostly during the tailgating but also had one of my nana's homemade chocolate chip cookies, which was wonderful. When we went and sat down the rain fell hard! The game was great but the rain was unbelievable. I wore my Gortex jacket which fought off the rain as best it could, but the rest of me didn't stand a chance. By half-time my jeans were completely soaked, dripping wet and I was so cold. I got a hot chocolate, which ended up not even being hot, more like room temp chocolate, not worth the calories, for sure!

The boys pulled through and wont the game and then we went to the senior banquet after the game in the gym. We mingled with players, friends and coaches and I had a couple of cookies and some veggies off the tray. Tim showed us the schools new athletic training facility which was awesome!

We went back to the hotel to dry off, and relax before our next big Italian dinner! Josh, Ally, Shay, and I went to the hot tub and thawed out, it was nice!

We met up with everybody for dinner at this great restaurant in Troy near by to Tim's school. Our party was 24 people strong and we had a great time! I Did very well with what I ate here!

For Dinner: Salad, this salad was great, greens with olives, cucumber, onion, and a great Vinaigrette, and for dinner I had the seafood platter: A filet of white fish, scallops, shrimp, and clams, broiled with lemon, and a side of broccoli. No dessert tonight!

After dinner, Shay, Ally, Josh, and I went to hang out with Tim at his house and got to chill with his football buddies and his new girlie, Katie Sue! We had a great time and those boys can certainly throw back those beers! Usually I would have been drinking wine and beer with everybody but I am, of course, staying strong on mym no drinking pact with Cassi, not a drop!

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  1. You did awesome with the not drinking part of this trip - it would've been really hard, what with all the chances to just have one with everybody else.

    Color me impressed!