Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 68

We woke up this morning and went to the market. Its awesome this time of year. So many different squashes, and fall vegetables. I tried a sample of organic apple cider, it was so good! I love this time of year. and everybody is bundled up. Cassi and I could see our breath when we walked around the market. I talked to Mom on the phone for a long time discussing the thanksgiving menu. Cassi and I are tackling the relish tray and we bought some Green Beans at the market. There is this stand called "Parker's Pickles" the beans and pickled and spicy and would be incredible in a bloody mary. They are so good! So, besides our superstar green beans we will have to think about what else will make the cut for our Thanksgiving relish tray.

For Breakfast: Two eggs over medium, One piece dry toast.

For Lunch: Garlic and fresh Ginger teriyaki chicken, cooked on my awesome grill pan. My aunt Lisa got me a grill pan a while back, and I haven't used it because I have a real grill on my patio, but it works great, and will definitely be using it more often this winter. I served the chicken with steamed Sugar Snap peas and tossed them with Sesame oil and Sesame seeds. I posted a picture of this one, it looks great!

Went to work, it was slammin' busy! Cassi and I both got our butts kicked and we didn't get out of there until alomst 11. I nibbled on some lentil soup while I was there. But when I got home I was so hungry I decided to make myself a little something.

For dinner: Romaine Lettuce, hard-boiled egg, almonds, and a touch of lite Caesar dressing. Then we went to bed, so tired.

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