Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the right TRACK

Hello, Hello. I just got back from my second trip around Lake Union. Cassi volunteered at Harborview this morning and I decided I would run without her today. I used the "My Tracks" app on my phone for the first time today, and found it it be really great. It uses GPS so it is very accurate on how far I run, how fast, where I go and records even when I am stopped at cross walk or something like that. I was so impressed with the app and equally impressed with myself. I beat mine and Cassi's time from last Friday by about 5 minutes. I also finally got an accurate reading on how far the Lake Union loop really is. 6.44 miles! Pretty awesome for an old goober like myself. This time around it took me 1:10:07 and my average running speed was 5.89 miles per hour. I think it's a great starting off point. I just uploaded a picture of the map.
The pink marker is where Cassi and I live and there's the loop I hope to be doing 2-4 times a week. AWESOME!
Wow Woo Wee Woo to Technology and Jogging!

I have got to run, make myself and smoothie and shower because I am hungry and sweaty!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I am super exhausted. Today I woke up and made breakfast for Cassi and myself. She had French Toast, I had a couple of eggs and we both had coffee.

I went to work and came home around 2:30 and changed and rode my bike over to Ballard to meet my parents. I rode back home and it rained on me pretty good. It has been nice a few days and now it's rainy again. I am ready for the spring and ready for some sun! I was actually pretty exhausted so I laid low, made myself dinner and now, I am ready for bed.

For Dinner: Sauteed Cabbage, apple and crimini mushroom salad with green onion and a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive oil.

That's all for today, night, night.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work Week.

It's been so long since I have blogged that I guess I should fill you in. I am working at Serious Pie Westlake, a shmancy pizza joint, one of Tom Douglas' restaurants. It is awesome; the money is great, the food is fantastic and the people are even better. There is also room for opportunity, which I will explain in another post. I work all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings and Wednesday night. That's it! I have 5 shifts which makes me full time, but I have three days off in a row which is going to make it so great for me to train and have fun during the summer.

This summer will be the first summer in two years that I will have both legs!!! Let's re-cap:

Summer of 2009

There I am, front and center!

Summer of 2010
This is a couple hours after I got home from the hospital, I think I am a little out of it.

I am ready to have a real summer, big time!


My weekend is all over and I have to go get ready for work, I really have to do my hair before it air dries all flippy like a little Dutch boy. Talk soon, promise.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why, Hello Again!

Wow, it has been a super long time. I am excited to get back on my blog and motivate myself again to kick my butt into shape and really feel the burn. Last weekend Cassi and I went to visit Ally, my sister, and her husband Shay in San Francisco. It was a great trip! We drove which to most people sounds absolutely absurd but it was actually really nice. It's a 12-13 hour drive and we timed it right so we wouldn't hit any traffic in the cities we were passing through. When we got there we had a fantastic time; we shopped, we ate, we drank, we danced, we laughed . . . it was great.

When we got back to Seattle both Cassi and I really felt like it was time to start fresh. So we went grocery shopping and tidied up the apartment and decided to get back on track. It's Spring folks! Wahoo!

I have started jogging again and am already feeling great. Yesterday Cassi and I did the 6 1/2 mile loop around Lake Union, non-stop. It felt really good and I was really surprised I could do it.

After the run we went down the the market and walked around. It was so nice yesterday. I love the market, It's really touristy but still the colors, smells, and people watching is great!

San Francisco Pictures!!

Cool painted van at the side of the road.

The heart at Union Square

Love this picture of Cassi 
 This picture is blurry but its the only one with everyone in it. 80's night
 We went all out and danced our hearts out at an 80's themed night at a local bar.

Wing Span of the Golden Gate this one.
Just for the record I AM kneeling, I am not THAT short.
Wine Cave, look at all that wine!

Benziger Winery, love this pic.