Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 99 (Dec 22nd)

Well I woke up nice and early and went to the airport. My flight route was rediculous, but it was the only I could get home, so first I flew to charlotte NC, then to Detroit, then finally, to Seattle. I got home after 13 hours of flying.

For Breakfast: I had some animal crackers and a Go Lean Crunch bar in the detroit airport. I wasso hungry.

For Lunch: My flight had the choice of either fettucini alfredo or Chicken Parm, both things that were completely unappetizing, and if I am going to cheat on my health regiment, it better be worth it, so I chose then chicken, and ate just the breast after I doctored it up and made it better to eat, it was served with a nice green salad and I let myself have a glass of red wine with dinner, so I could feel fancy!

When I finally landed in Seattle I took the Brand New link light rail, from the airport to downtown and it was awesome! It whipped me downtown in just 30 minutes and was so convenient.

For Dinner: I made myself some Haricot Vert green beans and sauteed chicken breast for dinner back at my apartment, and waited for Cassi to get home from work, I was glad to be home after that long day of traveling!

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