Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 95 (Dec 18th)

I just woke up and I think Nana is still asleep. I went downstairs and snooped around a little bit. I sat there and stared at her cookbooks. She has an incredible collection. Not just of cookbooks but of a lot other old books from early colonial America. Books that I researched and looked at in my women's history class. It's so interesting!

Fro Breakfast: yogurt and Granola.

Nana and I went to get a christmas tree. We went to a couple different places and when we got to the second place the very first tree we saw, right when we walked in the door was the perfect one. We put in in the car and went to the Lancaster farmer's market. This place is great it has all sorts of produce stands, butchers, poultry stands and baked goods. Many of the stands are run by the local amish community. Mid-morning Nana and I went out for a cappucino local coffee shop. It was very cute, and reminded me of something that you would find back here in Seattle. We shared a piece of French Toast cake, which was, as we soon realized, is a glorified piece of bread pudding. Then we went home and relaxed for just a bit, I put the tree up on it's stand and then we decided to go to a movie!

We saw "Invictus" the movie with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. It was very good, and Morgan Freeman was excellent. It was a very uplifting movie.

After the movie we went to dinner, we were going to go to a place called La Terra and "small plates" type of restaurant bit they were closing early because it was supposed to start snowing.

So we went to a more fancy place down the road, fancy italian type meals, called Mazzi. After a lot of thought and consideration Nana and I gave the restaurant a 7 out of 10. Good, but not superb.

For Dinner: We started with martinis, I had a Kettle Vodka Gimlet, bascially just vodka and muddled lime. and Nana had a special Blood Orange drink, she said it was great. The first course the gave of was a tiny plate of tomato tartar and thinly sliced yellow and green squash. It was lovely. Then I had a my first course with was a scallop dish. Beautifully seared scallops with a tomato asparagus creme with guanciale. For the main course I had Yellowfin tuna, seared. This was served with fried fennel, golden raisins, and endive. The fish was completely raw, and one of the most beautiful pieces of fish I have ever seen. It was perfect, everything else of the plate I really didn't like, so I didn't eat it, which was fine with me.
Nana had seared duck breast, which was perfect too! It was served with a white chocolate risotto which Nana was not a fan of. Along with other things, this is basically how they dropped to a 7 in our grading. After dinner we both were tempted by the lovely dessert cart presented to us by a young dapper man. We both orders a scoop of the fresh local creamy coconut ice cream, it was delicious, and totally worth the calories! We had coffee and with the check they brought us a small shot of their version of limoncello. It was lemon sorbet and vodka, yum. After that, home to relax and go to bed.

This was a wonderful day!

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