Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 96 (Dec 19th)

Woke up and it was snowing, there were just couple inches already on the ground. It continued to snow non-stop all day and by the end of the night we had 14 inches!

For Breakfast: Granola and Yogurt, with coffee.

During breakfast Nana and I sat, looked at cookbooks and chatted for hours. It was so great! We talked about food and what she rememebers cooking, what she remembers her mom cooking and a whole lot more. We decided that we were going to make Julia Child's original Beef Bourguignon. We went to the market and got meat for it yesterday, so we were ready to go! We cooked all day and just hung out at the house. It was snowing so we only went somewhere when we had to. We went to the grocery store when there was about 7 inches on the ground to pick up a few ingredients. We had the stew over a baked potato. It was so dark and rich and flavorful. We followed all those crazy little steps and details, it was fun!

After that we watched a little TV, and had some hot tea and went to bed. Another wonderful day!

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