Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 41

We had a soccer game this morning then a team brunch. We kicked booty in our game! It was so cold! it's the first time this season that I have been able to see my breath when I exhale. I brought a coffee with me so it kept me warm . . . for about five minutes.

For Breakfast: Two poached eggs, during the brunch with the team.

Today is our Pumpkin Party. We are having just a few work buddies over, and we are going to eat and carve pumpkins.

Cassi bought the game Catch Phrase a few days ago, that game is so fun! We played it a lot during our orcas island vacation with my family. Good stuff.

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  1. Good Morning-Monday
    I'm so glad you are coming for last game
    You can tell me about Catch Phrase
    wish I could view pic
    nana xxooxx