Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 37

Wow, I had such an amazing workout today! I worked so hard, I haven't felt that tired in a long time. I did over an hour on the elliptical, and then another 1 1/2 of weights and biking at the end. By the end I was drenched! I am going to do it all over again tomorrow.

For Lunch: Leftovers from last nights dinner, turkey meatloaf with roasted fall veggies.

I know that I recently told you about my allergy to pumpkins and other squash . . . well from dealing with the butternut and acorn squash, my hands are red and on fire! But that is about it, nothing major happens.

For Dinner: A light salad: romaine, baby heirloom tomatoes, hard boiled egg, purple cabbage, cucumber, pomegranate, and raw slivered almonds with a red wine vinaigrette. Along side I had a piece of whole wheat pita.

Whenever I have a big workout I feel like I don't have a very huge appetite, does anyone know why that is? It's fine with me, and nice for the whole weight loss side of things! but why? I do not know.

I went into work tonight to drop Cassi off and one of the managers was back for the first time in a few months, she has been out of maternity leave. She knows nothing about this blog or about my latest efforts but. . . the first thing she said to me when she saw me was, "Hey you look great . . . skinny!" Can you believe it!? Somebody used the word "skinny" (relatively speaking of course) but it was amazing to hear somebody say that that doesn't know how hard I have been trying, that means it really is working, not that I had any doubts but it was really nice for somebody on the "outside" to notice. Yipee!

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