Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 34

For breakfast: A Spinach, zucchini and bell pepper omelette. An a soy latte.

We went out on the boat with my parents this morning. We cruised the lake and looked at all of the old fishing boats that were docked. Then we went to the ballard farmer's market.

Cassi and I went straight to our (her) soccer game. It was a good game, we won 3-2. Cassi played really hard and even got herself a yellow card because she totally schooled the goalie with a header goal, but ran into her while doing it. So the goal didn't count, but it was still awesome.

We got home so late, around 5, so we skipped lunch and went straight to dinner.

For dinner: : Leftover Red curry, chicken and vegetable stirfry, with brown rice. We also sauteed some "skinny" eggplant in some black bean sauce.

For dessert: an apple and a bit of granola.

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  1. What's good right now at the Seattle farmers makets? In central NY, we're getting awesome apples, brussels sprouts, butternut & acorn squash, leeks, and pears.

    Mmm... I love fall food.