Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 28

Many of you know that I am allergic to pumpkin and some other squashes. Every year when these tempting squashes are in season I cannot resist and end up with a whole mess of complications. The weird part, is that my reaction is purely topical. I can eat pumpkin (if I want) but I have a hard time touching it. That being said, I always have a pumpkin carving party! I love carving pumpkins, and I always decide to have a party so I can control my environment. I make sure I have the proper tools, rubber gloves, and sturdy tools, and some years, a rain coat, goggles, rubber boots, and the occasional helmet, just for fun! We usually make some kind of comfort food, and have good pumpkin beer. This year I will have to change my menu and stick with some homemade apple cider or something. I will let you know when I plan my menu.

For breakfast: Oatmeal.

For Lunch: Tossed green salad, with purple and green cabbage with a strawberry vinaigrette. and a pear.

I am staying on campus today to do some homework.

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