Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 65

I went to the gym today and did only cardio. I should have done a weight circuit but I was running out of time because I worked at 4 today. Plus, I am using a Book on Tape for one of my classes, so I can do things while I get my reading done and carrying around a big Walk-Man in the gym proves inconvenient while doing weights. I am home from work and Cassi and I both have plenty of homework. I have an oral presentation in my Women's Studies class on Friday and I have to do some things for that. I got home later than expected and nibbled on some 7 grain crackers before I went to work.

For Dinner: When I was at work I had a cup of Lentil soup and a hard-boiled egg, then I had a bit of Steamed broccoli. It doesn't sound like that much but it was a good amount of food.

I posted some pictures today on my "Tasty Creations" slideshow. The Sugar Snap peas, and the almond crusted chicken tenders and sweet potato fries. They were on my camera, but I forgot to post them earlier. so . . . check them out!

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  1. Katy - I checked out your tasty creations again, - your presentation is great - everything looks soooo delicious, colorful and healthy!!