Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 162

I didn't have any luck finding work pants. :( I got burnt out after I got the nerve to go into Ross and almost had a panic attack, that place freak me out. Cassi and I have the night off and we decided to go up to Whole Foods and get something to make for dinner.

For Dinner: Wild Coho Salmon grilled with blistered asparagus and a piccata sauce.  I seasoned the salmon with just little salt pepper, garlic powder, and dill. The sauce was made on the stove top with a bit of butter, artichokes, capers, fresh cracked pepper and dill with lemon juice.
Cassi and I both have some homework to do, and we want to finish it up before the Olympics start tonight! Also, I have to get to bed nice and early for cycling tomorrow! 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . . I got my Viking Class midterm back, which I was anxiously waiting for because it's 45% of my grade. I got 100%, didn't miss a single point. That makes me feel super duper!

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