Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 161

I woke up so tired and sore this morning, but I forced myself out of bed and went to cycling class. It was a good workout. Before I left I ate breakfast.

For Breakfast: High Fiber O's with Rice milk. My container of Rice Milk is almost gone and then I am going to try out Almond milk. I have heard good things, and it is less than half the calories of rice milk, do you know anything about it?

For Lunch: Fresh Romaine with raw sunflower seeds, artichoke hearts and grilled portobello mushroom. with a red-wine vinaigrette.

It is another gorgeous day here in Seattle the Thermometer in the car said it was 61! After class Cassi and I went to Gasworks Park and played frisbee. Now I am home and just finished prepping for dinner, Cassi is taking a nap. I love having food to prep. I sliced and diced vegetables to my heart's content and trimmed the chicken for tonight. We are having our friend Katharine over to watch The Bachelor which I am shamelessly a fan of. I have veggies marinating for veggie kabobs on the grill.

I have not lost weight in almost two weeks. It's getting harder and harder and I need to refocus. No more empty carbs! I need to drink 3X as much water as I have been drinking and really be religious about working out. Besides I need to train for Vegas, and even more importantly the Triathlon. I am making a promise to myself  and to you to kick it into gear!

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  1. Yeah! We use almond milk, and we love it. It's a little thicker than rice milk and is less sweet. Enjoy!!

    PS - I'm so jealous of your Trader Joe's access!!