Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 158 (Friday)

I did not go to my cycling class today. I wasn't feeling super hot but decided I would do something active later on today. I went to my 9:30 class.

For Breakfast: We got this cereal from Trader Joe's  Honey Almond and Flax 9 Whole Grain Crunch Cereal. It is so good, today I had some with rice milk.

Cassi and I went roller blading today, all the way around Lake Union! It was great, I am not sure how long that path is but it is substantially longer than greenlake, which is 3 miles.

Cassi and I came home and were totally beat.

For Lunch: I made a small salad with romaine, mushrooms, onion and a few shrimp, and  I had an apple.

We relaxed for a little bit and then got ready for work. Cassi was first off tonight and came home a lot later than I did. I closed the restaurant tonight, it was slow but because I stayed I was able to make a little bit of cash. I had a cup of lentil soup while I was at work and I have been trying really hard lately to drink lots of water.

For Dinner: When  I got home Cassi had a salad ready for me, she is so sweet! Romaine with grilled chicken and black beans with a lime salsa dressing . . . obviously a favorite at our house.

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