Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 152

For Breakfast: Two eggs. Coffee.

Mom, Dad and I went to town to get some supplies for mini-me. After we came home Dad got straight to work but Mom and I went to Marysville to talk to the paint guy. We ran a few more errands and then got to work down at Mini-me. In case you don't know what Mini-me is, it's the house next door to ours that my parents are renovating, it's basically a smaller version of our house, hence Mini-me!

For Lunch/Snack: Apple. Some Reduced fat cheez-its.

For Dinner: Teryaki marinated Salmon with Steamed Broccoli and a fresh salad of romaine, shaved fennel, radishes, carrot, and green onion. I had glass of wine with mom this evening.

For Dessert: a bit of dark chocolate.

Cassi drove up tonight after work, she got here late but I'm glad she came up. We both love hanging out in Arlington so much!

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