Saturday, February 06, 2010

Day 144

For Breakfast: Handful of cheerios as I ran out the door to go to the gym, after spin class I had a non-fat vanilla latte.

Went and took my mid-term for my Immigrant America class. I was well prepared and I think I did pretty well, we will see! After class I went home and fixed lunch for the both of us . . . leftovers!

For Lunch: I took the extra veggies I grilled for last night's dinner, along with the left over brown rice medley with black beans, and sauteed everything together with fresh tofu, almost like a fried rice!

Pre-work Snack: I had an apple and a peanut-butter banana, and honey sandwich on toasted oat bread-bran bread. It was awesome, and took forever to eat,

I made good money tonight at work, and I finally feel like I am not playing catch up anymore with my bills. I feel absolutely awful. I think I was telling my body to hang in there at least until the midterm was over, because I have felt progressively worse as the day has gone on. I should have told by body to hold out a few more days . . . I have another mid-term on tuesday!

For Dinner: Toasted seeded baguette sandwich with tuna, capers, artichokes, dill, salt pepper, olive oil, lemon, with stone ground dijon mustard, and fresh arugula.

Good night!

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