Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 149

For Breakfast: Toasted Peanut butter and Banana sandwich, coffee.

We woke up nice and early today. I was up at about 5:30. I have been so bad with sleeping through my cycling class that I woke up early to give myself extra time. I got my Geography Mid-term back today. I got a 91%. I feel good, but honestly I thought I did better so I am just a bit disappointed. Oh well.

I got home from school and did the dishes and made some food for Cassi and me.

For Lunch: steamed broccoli and shrimp with slivered almonds.

I helped Cassi make scones for her class tomorrow and I made an orange-honey butter to go with. She is doing a project in her nutrition class, she has to make and bring something that is something from her heritage, she is English so we made English scones she used to have growing up.

I ate a small dinner before work.

For Dinner: The last of the eggplant I made earlier with pesto marinara.

I got called off work tonight because it's s slow. :( so now I am home and going to catch up on some school work.

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  1. AMAZING!you are so into your new life way
    love Nana