Sunday, February 07, 2010

Day 145

For Breakfast: Two Eggs, Coffee.

Woke up and made breakfast for Cassi, she went to take her GRE today. I felt pretty crumby all day, and laid low. We had dinner plans with Nancy tonight, and I wanted to feel up to it. I just snacked on grapes and a couple of crackers for lunch.

For Dinner: We went to Icon Grill in Seattle, we were going to go a couple of different places but everywhere was packed. I shared a pear salad with mixed greens and spiced pecans for a starter and had grilled salmon and broccoli for my entree. For dessert we all shared an ice cream sunday, it was sinfully good. We also had some wine, what can I say it was a special occasion, we were celebrating Cassi's GRE completion.

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