Monday, February 08, 2010

Day 147

I am one sore girl today! That soccer game did a number on me, not my knee, my knee is fine, a little tired but good! The rest of my body, my abs, my thighs, my arms are killing me. I haven't used my muscles to run up and down a field for so many months, I am so tired! I slept in for my cycling class, which I am thoroughly upset about, I don't want to miss class often, but I have already missed a few, I better stay on top of it!

For breakfast: Two egg frittata with zucchini, green bell pepper, shitake mushrooms, and basil. Hot Tea.

Came home from class and made lunch for Cassi and myself.

For Lunch: Grilled Tofu on a Bed of romaine with red onion, capers, slivered raw almonds, dried cranberries and sauteed shitake mushrooms, and a homemade pesto vinaigrette. (I made homemade
vegan pesto and then used a little to make a vinaigrette for the salad.) To make the Pesto (Garlic, fresh basil, raw almonds, salt, pepper, and Extra Virgin olive oil)

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