Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 153 Valentine's Day!

For Breakfast: Coffee. Two Eggs. One Piece of toast.

We got ready and went down to Mini-me. All four of us worked hard and then came home in the afternoon. We decided to go to the movies and to dinner for Valentine's day.

For Dinner: Pollo Asado. Grilled chicken breast with sauteed onions. Guacamole rice and beans and corn tortillas. also some chips and salsa. Gotta Love La Hacienda.

We went to see "Valentine's Day" it was cute.

Came home and relaxed. We did a small tequila tasting, where we tasted a blanco, repasado, and an anejo. I did indeed partake in that, just a sip of each.

Mom and Dad got Cassi and I some chocolates for Valentine's Day, we munched on those a bit too.

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