Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 128

Woke up early and went to my first cycling class! It was awesome, and hard! and my butt hurts, I am not used to having bike seat butt!

For Breakfast: High Fiber O's with rice milk. After my class, at about 8:30 I had a nonfat latte.

I went to my classes today, and felt awesome, I can tell that by the end of the cycling class, I am going to be one fit little woman!

For Lunch: Went home and warmed up some bean and chicken soup.

For Dinner: Dinner salad at work and a cup of the cream of tomato. The dinner salad has mixed greens, shaved fennel, white beans, carrots and vinaigrette.

Now I am home, and I am tired! I have a few crucial school things that need to be done, like for my focus group, other than that, my bed is calling out to me! Goodnight!


  1. Don't worry!! Bike-seat butt goes away after the first couple weeks. But oy, I know how that feels.

    Whoo hoo!!