Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas Vacation

I had a wonderful time this break but it was hard to stay on my health kick. I felt like we were s busy the entire time and it was impossible to stick to the routine. I don't feel guilty about what I ate, but I know I splurged and did some delicious indulging. I ate cookies, and drank margaritas, I had beer and enjoyed chocolate. I did not cut myself off from the holiday experiences, but I am glad to be done. I miss my routine, I miss feeling healthy. I can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow!!! I haven't been able to workout for weeks and I am ready to get back into serious health mode.

It was so hard to keep up with my blog and I definitely learned my lesson on waiting to blog. Along with my reinforced Health Kick I will make sure to keep up on here, it's hard catching up when you're behind!

I am super excited for my classes tomorrow, and am ready for another great quarter. my focus Group is filled to the max, with 18 people signed up and today alone I had 3 people asking if there was any room even though it was closed for registration. I'm a little nervous, but confident it will go well! Goodnight!

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