Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 122

Got up extra early today to take Cassi to school. I went to the gym, third time this week! I'm doing pretty well and have already lost the pounds that I put on over the holidays. I didn't eat breakfast, but I did have a latte from Vivace. I have been drinking a lot of coffee lately, I guess it's become the thing that I let myself indulge in. I need to cut back, I am becoming so dependent on the caffeine, it's bad news.

I had a map test today in my Vikings class. I am almost positive I got 100%, I won't know until I get it back though. After class got out I hopped on a bus downtown to meet up with Katie and Tim, and Matt at Pike Place market, it's so fun down there. I don' really by anything there, because the prices are so hiked up for the tourists, but I do love to walk around and take a look.

Later today Cassi and I went to see Avatar, it really is amazing! Then we went out to dinner with Suzie, Cassi's best friend from high school. She drove up from Portland for the long weekend. We went to wild ginger and sat in the lounge, just a soda water for me though. We split a few things, it was really good, and not too expensive.

For Dinner: Buddha Vegetable Spring rolls, Shrimp Wonton Soup, Kung Pao Chicken and a Tofu and Eggplant that rocked my world.

After dinner we called it a night and home and to bed!

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