Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Day 113

For Breakfast: Half a Banana and One egg. Market Spice tea.

Went to the gym early today and got in a great workout. An hour on the elliptical and a full weight circuit. After that, to class and then Casssi and I met up with Shay and Ally. We got coffee and then met Mom and Dad for lunch. We went to Chilli's paste, a thai place in fremont.

For Lunch: Vegetable soup and Mixed vegetables and prawns in a light oyster sauce with brown rice.

I made dinner for The four of us tonight, Cassi, Ally, Shay and me.

For Dinner: Baked Sole filet with brussel sprouts and a fresh green salad with romaine, mushrooms, carrots and cucumbers. Coffee after Dinner.

I cant already feel that I am going to be sore tomorrow!

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