Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 257

The four of us woke up in Arlington and I made breakfast.

For Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and wheat toast. Coffee.

We had to get back to Seattle so Cassi could go into work.

For Lunch: Tuna salad with lemon stone ground mustard, celery, capers, shallots, olive oil and salt and pepper. I also had some sweet potato fries.

I went into work tonight and it was okay. Not super slow but not chaotic. I am getting sick of wearing my brace all the time when I work. The straps start to dig in to my leg and I have cuts across my thigh now. :(
I got the rest of my shifts covered this week so I can commit myself fully to the last week of school. I have so much work to do I can't add the stress of work.

On a lighter note: I am happy to report that my tomatoes are looking amazing, and so is my swiss chard! Look!

I am home from work now and I haven't eaten anything for dinner. I am hungry but I can't bring myself to eat anything in the apartment, because I am running out of healthy options!


  1. what are u feeding those tomatoes?
    The Iron chefs usually win

  2. Wow Katy - your tomatoes took off since I saw them as babies. . .just a few more days, and you'll be all done!!!

    xoxo MOM

  3. My tomatoes didnt grow this year and I am bumbed! I dont even eat them, but the family does and I loved growing them. They are so easy, to maintain how the heck did i screw that up!??