Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 235 (Saturday)

I spent most of Saturday morning handing out flyers at the farmer's market for the Community Kitchens Fundraiser. Cassi and I went to the market early and got two tomato plants and when she had a break from work she came home and we planted them together. We also bought some tiny little swiss chard starters!
Isn't it the greatest? And what a planter, eh? Thanks Dad!

I'm sorry I have been so behind in posting. I really have been busy with my project.

For Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with some tiny tortillas.

I went to work tonight. It was pretty busy! I closed the restaurant so I did make some money. After work Cassi and I went over to the condo and cleaned it for mother's day. We figured it was something that she would appreciate a lot. So we vacuumed and windexed and made the beds etc. etc. Then to bed! (we spent the night there because we went to the Ballard market in the morning)

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