Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 247

For Breakfast: Coffee. A couple of my cookies, they are gone now, won't cause me or my butt any more harm.

For Lunch: Two eggs scrambled with garlic chives from my garden. Piece of toast.

I stayed home all day. Worked on my thesis a bit but mostly I nursed my cramps, took care of this awful cough and fever and put my knee up. That's right I got my period this morning too. Why not, right? I had to call into work because I can't control my cough. Cassi should be home from work soon and I want to cuddle up and go to bed. She is so busy and I am having the worst week ever, so it would be really great if we could just catch a break sometime soon!

For Dinner-ish: I had some popcorn, I also had a banana, that's what I have eaten so far, we will see what else I find around the kitchen.

I scheduled my surgery today. I am going in on June 28th. I will be ready to face it by that time, right now I am still a little angry, but I am slowly working my way to being positive and smiley again. Unfortunately my recovery time might cut into Nana's visit a little. I should be okay by the time she gets here but I will probably still be a little silly.

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