Friday, September 17, 2010

One Year of Blogging!!!!! (Day 10 of Trip)

I would like to say that I did something commemorative for my one year anniversary of this blog. I was so busy of my trip I hardly remembered. I have been gorging myself with east coast food and the thought of this blog has TEMPORARILY taken a recess from my mind.

I am so proud that I have kept up the blog for a whole year now, accounting for one whole year of my life and my relationship with food, however these past few months have been really hard. Trips and visitors have rattled my determination and I have been fighting feelings of discouragement and resentment in regards to my knee situation. I am going to be cleared to do some more things soon, but it's no excuse to be so lax about my health. When this trip os over, it's go time  . . .

We woke up today with big plans to go to the Central Market right in Lancaster. This is the oldest inoor farmer's market in the country and had amazing stands with fresh produce from Amish farmers, fres baked sticky buns and shoo fly pie and even our famous turkey jerky that we used to eat all the time when we were younger. I was really excited to share this with Cassi.

First Cassi and I had a little photo shoot with Barney in the back yard.

For Breakfast: Coffee.

After Central Market we went to the Green Dragon Market and basically ate everything that I ever remember eating at the markets. We tried Funnel cake and fink’s French fries and Cassi even had a pickle on a stick!

We also had Rita’s again. I had vanilla ice with chocolate custard this time.

For Dinner: We had Vegetarian pho noodle soup with tofu fresh rolls and hot tea.

We went to see The Town, the new movie with Ben Affleck. It was very good.

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