Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day 356 (Day 1 of Trip)

Cassi and I are both so excited to visit my family and I am so excited to share Pennsylvania with Cassi!

Left the house at 8. We almost had a mishap, Cassi forgot her passport. It was a good thing we remembered before we got all the way to the airport. We got off the Link downtown and she took and cab to the apartment and then back, really a minor delay. We got to the airport and had plenty of time to grab something to eat.

For Breakfast: Coffee. Yogurt, berry, and granola parfait from Dish D' Lish.

Before we got on the plane we grabbed some food for lunch because we knew it was going to be a long ride.

For Lunch: Caesar salad on the plane. Tomato Juice. Half a choc-chip Cookie.

Picked up in Philly by Nana around 7:30 and back to Lancaster. Barney, Nana's dog was anxiously waiting to meet Cassi and it was good to finally be there after a long day of travelling. Cassi and I were starving! Nana thought it through and made soup for our arrival.

For Dinner: Tortilla Soup with chicken and hot peppers from Nana's garden, for dessert we had some chocolate ice cream.

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