Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day 350

Holy Heck! 350 days. That blows my mind. Can you believe that everything I have eaten for the last three hundred and fifty days is here on this blog? That and basically my whole life story. I believe I will be in New York City when I celebrate my year of blogging. I will have to make sure I have my computer with me so I can blog!

I woke up early and took Cassi to volunteer at Harborview. Then I came home, got ready and made myself breakfast.

For Breakfast: Pesto egg with eggplant and fresh tomato (from the balcony) on a piece of wheat toast. Coffee.

I went to physical therapy this morning and finally met up with my regular therapist. The last couple times I have had to see someone else. Mark is really good with my knee and we get along real well. After PT I picked up Jenna and we went to target. We both needed some essentials.

We snagged Cassi from the hospital and went to lunch.

For Lunch: Falafel pita sandwich from a place Cassi and I used to go when we live in the U-District.

We did a bit of shopping and Cassi bought me a dress I have had my eye on for almost a month. It is my birthday present and I am SOOOOOO excited about it. I first tried it on when I was looking for something to wear to Cory's wedding, I loved it so much I took a picture of myself in it to show to Cassi. The dress has tea cups on it, I don't know . . . i just love it! Here's that picture . . . . and now it's mine, for real!

Cassi had to go to work, and Jenna and I went to the Art Walk down in Pioneer sqaure. We met up with her roommates and went to dinner. 

For Dinner: Thai veggies and tofu sauteed in a really tasty spicy sauce with thai basil!

We basically called it a night after that!

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