Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 364 (Day 9 of Trip)

For Breakfast: Sausage and egg on English muffin. Coffee.

We got to Penn Station and got on our train back to Lancaster. We were glad to be out of the city and back with Nana where we could chill out for a bit. We went and got some food and of course another thing on our list was a real hoagie with good hoagie bread, however I am not a hoagie person but I didn't want Cassi to miss out on the experience. She had a hoagie and loved it.

For Lunch: I had an Eggplant parmagiana sandwich with no cheese.

We went back to Nana’s and took a huge nap and then met up with Aunt Gwynne and went to dinner.

For Dinner: The Iron Hill Brewery.  I had a Mediterranean Grilled Chicken salad with a cup of tomato soup and an amber beer.

Home and to bed.

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