Sunday, September 05, 2010

Day 353

Woke up this morning and Cassi and I went to breakfast.

For Breakfast: Two poached eggs with roasted bell peppers, spinach and a slice of ham on an english muffin and pesto sauce. Coffee

Cassi and I went to both the Fremont and Ballard markets today. The markets were absolutely fabulous and filled with excitement. Tonight I made a dinner to do a little Pre-birthday celebration since I will be in Pennsylvania for my actual birthday. I bought most of my ingredients at the market, including a piece of wild salmon, literally fresh off the boat in Ballard.

We got home and did some laundry and I prepared dinner. Jenna and Juliette came over for dinner and we had a fantastic time.

For Dinner: Grilled and chilled veggies. I grilled Zucchini, green onion, eggplant and fresh carrots beforehand and served them chilled at dinner. We also had whole wheat cous cous with lemon zest and olive oil, fresh grilled salmon, and I made some grilled tofu for Jenna!

After dinner with had a little dessert. I had a mango I had to use so I made mango sorbet, I just pureed mango, added a little simple syrup and lime juice and froze it. About an hour before I served it I blended it with a touch of prosecco  and chilled it again for a bit. It was awesome!!!!

After dinner we went bowling and met up with about 12 other people to celebrate my birthday. I had about a beer and a half and I did surprisingly well at bowling tonight! We ended up meeting up with Tim at a bar downtown and had ourselves a pretty late night. The night ended at a new place called the The Night Kitchen, they are open late and all night purely for drunk people who are hungry after they close up the bars. We ordered some greasy fries for the table, and they were awful.

Then home and to bed!

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