Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1y + 4d Back to Basics

Well today was my first full day back to my regular life. Cassi and I woke up super early because we are on east coast time, but we got a lot done! We unpacked and did laundry and then went and did some grocery shopping.

For Breakfast: Just coffee.

I drank water all day long and I already feel better.

For Lunch: I just had a small pink lady apple and a small handful of raw walnuts. I really like walnuts.

I went to work and we got pretty busy. Mom and Dad came in and surprised us, it was so good to see them! I feel like it's been forever even though it's only been two weeks; Cassi and I see Mom and Dad usually a couple times a week.

Now we are home from work and feel good because we were very productive today and we made money at work. Also I feel better because I didn't eat a truck load of food. I am munching on an apple and then I am going to wash up and go to bed because I am exhausted. Tomorrow I have my 12 week knee appointment. I am not sure if I get cleared to do anything different but I certain;y hope so. After I get things in order I really need to start looking for a new gym to go to. I need to get off my butt and work out.

For these next few weeks I am really going to focus on getting myself back on a strict eating regimen. No eating out, no alcohol, and for the time being, little to no carbs. Gotta shed these pounds.

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