Monday, September 20, 2010

One Year/ 3 Days (Day 13 of Trip)

Both Cassi and I woke up this morning and sighed with relief that the next time we laid our heads down it would be on our own pillows.

For Breakfast: Wheat bagel with amazing locally made jam and some kind of peanut butter that absolutely blew my mind. We went to this Coffee shop by Katharine's place, it was great and reminded us of Seattle.

Cassi and I went into the city and did some more sight seeing.

Ben Franklin, sittin' pretty.
The Art Museum, what an incredible building.

The murals in the city are amazing.

By the river on the way over to visit the U Penn campus.

For Lunch: BBQ pork sandwich served with fries.

Now  we are on the plain home and I am excited to not eat for a week because I feel like a blimp.

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