Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 361 (Day 6 of Trip)

For Breakfast: Toasted thin bagel with eggs. Coffee.

We went to Walmart and got a few things. It's the closest store that has more than three aisles. Uncle Steve was at work and it was just us girls today.

We did laundry and started to get ready for our departure tomorrow. New York City is going to be a big change from Canton PA.

For Lunch: Leftover filet mignon, grilled zucchini and a bit of mashed potatoes.

For Dinner: Whole grain spaghetti pasta with the best damn tomato meat sauce I have ever had/made. With a green salad and awesome garlic bread. Yuengling.

For Dessert: Homemade blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. Made from blueberries from the garden.

The food at Aunt Lisa's has been amazing and it feels good to just hang out. We stayed up every night for a couple of hours and just talked. It was really needed and I am so glad Lisa and steve got to know Cassi more, it is after all my one and only!

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