Friday, September 03, 2010

Day 351

After Cassi got home from volunteering I made her and myself lunch.

For Lunch: Sauteed chicken and black beans with a green cabbage slaw on white corn tortillas. I wasn't planning on making the slaw but I had most of the ingredients so I figured it was meant to be.

After lunch Cassi and I laid low for a bit and then got ready for work. Work was so slow! I don't what happened to the busy-ness we have been experiencing but it was pretty dead tonight! After Jenna, Cassi, and I went to the Bob Marley Laser show; it was pretty fun. After that we went to Palace Kitchen, one of the Tom Douglas restaurants here in Seattle.

For Dinner: I had a tomato and cucumber salad with what they called a large crouton, it was like griddle toast. Just water.

Then home and too bed, it was soo late.

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