Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 195 (Sunday)

Today we went to Santa Monica. It was hotter than usual, even for down in Southern California. I think reached somewhere around 87 or so. We went to a farmer's Market that is located right in the heart of Santa Monica and about a block from the beach. The market was great and it was wonderful to see all of the local foods.

For Breakfast: Nonfat latte. Cassi and I split a muffin.

After the market we cruised the shops and eventually made our way down to a Pizza shop in Venice.

For Lunch: Cassi and I shared a couple pieces of pizza. One had chicken and jalapenos and the other had pesto, onions, and spinach, both were very good.

At the end of the day Cassi and I headed to the airport. We got some dinner before we boarded the plane.

For Dinner: Grilled Salmon on a bed of lettuce with walnuts, papaya, and avocado. Delish. I had a beer with dinner. 

This officially marks the end of my spring break. We had an incredible trip, filled with really fun trips and events, great "splurge" food and a handful of great margaritas and other spirits. No more drinks for me!

I have less than a month until the Vegas tournament and I really have to kick it into gear. No more alcohol, school starts tomorrow and I need to get going on my workout schedule!

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