Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 185

Can you believe that I am more than a half a year into my journey. Last night when Keith saw me he said I was skinny, I know it's a relative observation but it felt pretty good! While I was relaxing and enjoying my leisure time on Spring break yesterday I started in on the book Cassi got me for Christmas. Being in school prevents me from reading books for me because I spend my time reading books for school. The book is called Fat of The Land by Langdon Cook. It is about local seasonal food in the Pacific Northwest, more specifically western Washington. It is so interesting and a really well written book.
So far Langdon has talked about digging for Razor Clams on the Washington coast, morel foraging, and other wild mushrooms, fiddlehead picking and catching squid off the public pier in Seattle in the middle of the night. I am absolutely fascinated by everything that he talks about in the book, and he even includes recipes of what he made with his fresh Washington delicacies.


  1. Langdon Cook is so awesome! I haven't read "Fat of the Land" yet - but I follow his blog, and I highly recommend it:



  2. HI KATY
    Over 6 months and your'e continuing your journey-
    so wonderful. the well of perseverance you have is very inspiring.
    the book is very interesting -I must go to store and read it
    thinking of you Nana