Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 191

I woke up and started doing laundry. Tomorrow we leave for LA to visit Cassi's brother Jesse, and his girlfriend. I had a lot to do in the way of clothing! I am so excited, I think we're even going to Disneyland. I'm sure we will eat some really amazing food too, I would love to explore some great LA spots. Maybe during one day we could even go to a farmer's market. Who knows. I have never spent time in LA before, just that once when we drove down there as a family.

For Breakfast: a pear sauce (applesauce,but with pear) and a coffee.

I went and got my hair cut today. I didn't tell anyone what I was going to do, but I chopped off all my hair, I will have to upload a picture! I cut off around 10 inches. It's a little too short to donate. I love my new hair and boy was Cassi surprised! We met mom and dad for Happy Hour at Eastlake Bar and Grill and they were surprised too!

For Happy Hour: Caesar with dressing on the side and grilled sockeye salmon, and a Gin and Tonic with extra lime.

Cassi and I stopped in at a nail salon just up the road from our house and got pedicures to kick off our vacation, plus we really needed them. This place was such a pleasant surprise, it was so nice and the ladies were so friendly! Not to mention, our toes look excellent!

Cassi and I went home and packed, our friend Ainslie came over and we drank some wine and hung out. We ordered some salad and pizza from Pagliacci's.

For Late Dinner: Green salad with garbanzo beans, bell peppers, and onion, and a slice of pizza with basil and olives on it.

I felt awful after eating the pizza, I just goes to show how much better I feel when I make good food decisions and not bad ones.

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