Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 194 (Saturday)

Emily had to work in the morning. Fortunately she works in Malibu! She dropped Cassi and I off at a coffee shop by the beach and we hung out until she got off work.

For Breakfast: Nonfat Latte and a bran muffin.

Cassi and I walked along the beach area in Malibu it was amazing.
After Malibu we went back to their apartment and relaxed by the pool. We had leftovers from dinner for lunch today. We had some margaritas and had ourselves a quite a nice time. 

For Lunch: Pulled pork and black beans. 

We laid low for most of the day and then wen out for sushi.

For Dinner: Spicy tuna, california, and veggie rolls. It was great sushi. 

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