Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Am I Feeling?

I absolutely love it. I just thought about it and how badly I want to get healthy. It is working too. Because I am writing everything down and not leaving anything out, I have no choice but to only eat good wholesome things. I think it is perfect for me, because strict things like the "fat flush" or some other crazy cleanse diet are too easy for me to fall off the wagon. With this, I get to decide what I eat, and get full, really full.

The energy I have from my diet change has been incredible. I feel ready to go and when I go to work out, it is not because I have this crazy o-blog-ation to go, so I can write it down on this thing. It is because I have the energy, and I get on the bike or elliptical and I envision myself at my "goal", and I will tell you, I look damn good.


  1. WHOO! Damn, girl. I could feel this post all the way in NY!!

    YES!! You're so totally spot-on with the fad-diets versus a real lifestyle change.

    PS: "O-blog-ation." HAH!! Love it!!

  2. Oh-so-clever with the o-blog-ation!! Yes one does learn by example. . .

    That Avacado Salsa sounds really good, though I won't be whisking that in the beaker with my stick blender anytime soon - back to the chopper attachment for me.

    Thanks for painting!! It looks so great!

    Keep it up Katy - you're already feeling the natural high from your efforts!!
    Love You,