Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 6

We went to visit Josh at his new apartment and for the first time since I have started my blog, I had to eat out! I had a salad, It was okay, but I definitely should have asked for the dressing on the side.

For Lunch:
Tex-mex Chicken Caesar. Romaine, black beans, Corn, Tomatoes, Chicken Breast, and Caesar salad dressing.

Then Cassi and I drove from Ellensburg to Arlington to go hang out with my parents. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we went down to the river to watch the spawning salmon. It was amazing to see the salmon fighting against the current in just a few inches of water.

For Dinner: Fresh Dungeness crab salad. Organic mixed greens, celery, radish, carrot, purple cabbage, and I picked some Dungeness crab to go on top. The dressing was awesome. It was an avocado, lime dressing with extra virgin olive oil.

For Dessert, I had the best apple I have ever had in my life. All natural Honeycrisp from the produce stand here in Arlington. We spent the night and are getting ready to head back to Seattle and go to the gym!

My Mom let me barrow her swim cap and goggles, I am really excited!


  1. the apple for dessert is awesome, kate!! you go grrrrl.

  2. Trying to eat healthy when you're eating out is always a really hard decision for me.

    Like you found out - you can order a salad, but if there's too much dressing or oil or whatever, then all of your efforts go to waste.

    Especially on the East Coast (where healthy dining options are definitely fewer) this can be hard.