Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 343

So last night as I was preparing dinner Tim and Kyle stopped by. We chatted and they cracked e up with there stories. They are quite the pair. I was just hanging out waiting for Cassi to get off work.

For Dinner: Shitake mushrooms and shrimp sauteed with Sugar snap peas, with fresh garlic and ginger. It was so good. I drizzled a bit of hoisin sauce on and enjoyed. For Dessert, an apple.

Cassi got home from work I made her the same dinner and then we went to bed.

6:00 came way too soon this morning. I felt like a zombie walking in to therapy this morning. I did a whole bunch of exercises that I haven't done in a while and I was getting pretty worn out, not to mention how exhausted I was. My knee is swollen from working so much and I should be doing more therapy at home, but I really have been working a lot and doing other things.

I am home now from therapy and I am truly exhausted. I might work Cassi's shift tonight, I could use the money, but so could she, and I work Fri and Sat night, we will see.

I took a picture last night of the beautiful carrots I got at the farmer's market! Aren't they fantastic, and see the two that are twisted together?

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