Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 329

Woke up in Arlington this morning.

For Breakfast: Coffee. A bowl of LIFE cereal.

I laid out in the sun for a little bit but then got ready to Cory's Wedding Rehearsal. I checked my amp and cords one more time before I left for rehearsal and all of the sudden my mic didn't work at all! Cassi and I got ready quickly and drove to Bigfoot Music. I haven't been there in years but it is where I purchased all of my equipment long long ago.  They totally saved me and fixed it all up for me! We went to rehearsal but first to lunch they were having. The lunch was catered by a company that does fresh pizza with a big wood burning pizza oven that is portable. I thought it was a fantastic idea! The pizza was really really good.

For Lunch: A couple sliced of thin margherita pizza and a limonata to drink. They also had dessert pizza, one was cinnamon apple and the other was vanilla custard with fresh fruit. what a fun party idea!

The rehearsal went really well and I think the music is going to work out perfectly. My guitar had a short in the connection though, I am worried about that. I will get it looked at in Seattle tomorrow. I sure hope it's a quick fix.

Cassi and I scurried down to Seattle and picked mom up to go swimming one ore time in the lake before Sunday's triathlon. They each did 3/4 mile and I did a 1/4 mile, arms only. It felt really good!

We went back to Columbia City Ale house and ate dinner. It was really good, but not as excellent as the last time we went.

For Dinner: Grilled Salmon with molasses glaze atop mixed greens and fire roasted peppers and onion in a black mustard dressing. Just water.

Shower and straight to bed!

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