Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 321

Well, I didn't post last night to tell you what I was up to. Let me update you real quick . . .

I went shopping with mom and I got a dress. I know it sounds crazy but it's black. I am going to spice it up with some colorful shoes, but it's sooooo flattering and really comfortable. I need something I can play guitar in and sit comfortably in, so this is the dress. I got home kinda late, around 9. I made dinner and waiting for a long time for Cassi to get home. After I had waited for ever, I decided to eat.

For Dinner: Homemade turkey burgers with caramelized onions, and whole wheat buns. I also made homemade sweet potato fries. It was very good.

Just as I finished eating I got a call from Cassi. She was very upset and told me her car had been towed. There was construction on the street that she parked on, but the "NO PARKING" signed had been removed, regardless the officer there overseeing the construction told her every car had been towed. Cassi got really upset and the cop laughed it off and told her to walk to the tow place. Poor Cassi, after a 13 hour volunteer/work day starting walking down the streets of Seattle at 10:30 at night, only to realize after walking a mile, the towing place he sent her had been shut down months ago. What a jerkimer! Thank god my mom was staying at the condo, she came and picked Cassi up from the street and took us to the correct towing company. Over 200 dollars later we drove home and I made Cassi dinner. We went straight to bed, but dang, what a night! We will be fighting this one, and hopefully will be able to rectify the situation, because we definitely don't have 200 dollars to throw around.

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  1. Hi Katy
    caught up with latest entries\
    $200 UGH!
    but everything else great
    gald about camera
    I thought it was really gone
    oh my god! THE RECIPES SOOO GOOD
    love Nana