Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 281

I just got home from Arlington and I am awaiting the call from the doctor to tell me when I need to be there on Monday morning for surgery. I have plenty to do over the weekend to prepare, besides, it is Gay Pride this weekend and Seattle's Pride celebration is fantastic. I am no longer drinking, I got really sick of celebrating and now I just want to go back to being wholesome lil' old me. Yesterday I went up to Arlington with Ally and I got my haircut at Alison's. I wanted to get a trim because I wont be able to do a whole lot after surgery.

Cassi and I stayed the night in Arlington with Ally and Shay and we made homemade pizza. I sliced and pre-griddled zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, and eggplant. The pizza was really good. Then we relaxed and watched The Blind Side. It was very good.

I am feeling pretty emotional about surgery and stuff. I feel like it's sneaking up on me and I am dreading the helplessness and the stagnancy of not being able to do anything. Not to mention the rehab and strengthening is a long and painful road. Oh well, I'd rather have it sooner than later.

I just made myself a couple of eggs and I am going to clean this apartment and make it all tidy before any possible visitors I might have.

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  1. dearest Katy thank u 4 the Gullah cookbook-I read allof it
    I'll be thinking of u all MOnday
    what a wonderful trip
    Love Nana