Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 260

Wke up nice and early and had Cassi drop me at the condo. Ally and Shay were there and Ally and I worked on my thesis. As it turns out the software I have to use for my project is incredibly frustrating! We worked all day.

For Breakfast: Americano

For Lunch: Eggplant with black bean sauce from Jhanjay Thai. Delicious.

By the time Ally was getting reading to head up to Arlington I decided I should just go with them and work on it up there. I definitely couldn't handle the distraction of my apartment, I always find something else to do but work. We worked until 2 am and then went to bed.

For Dinner: Homemade Swedish meatballs and red potatoes with a beautiful green salad. Mom had made a Swedish dinner for her book club last night and had lots of leftovers. She did this because the book they were reading took place in Sweden. How fun is that? I want to have themed dinner parties!

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